Mysterious man buys Airbus A380 as his private jet

  • Paris (France) – A very wealthy man has purchased the gigantic Airbus A380 as his private jet.  Speaking at the Paris Air Show, Airbus Sale Director John Leahy told AFP that the man wants to keep a low profile and is “not from the US or Europe”.

    Of course, it’s going to be difficult keeping quiet because the massive 239 foot jet just can’t land anywhere.  Only a handful of runways can take the enormous weight and large wingspan of the A380.  The delay-plagued jet has 10,000 square feet of cabin space and can hold up to 840 passengers, but it’s anticipated that the buyer will convert the interior to bedrooms, a lounge and an exercise area.  There could even be an on-board sauna.

    While the exact price the man paid is a secret, most airlines have been paying around $300 million for each jet.  Customization of the interior will probably cost between $50 and $150 million.

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