G8 attendees urged to fight child predators online

  • Munich (Germany) - At the G8 Summit in Germany, eight of the most prominent countries in the world have called on the private IT sector for help in combating cyber crimes, especially those that harm children.

    "Entities including Internet service providers, information technology professionals and financial institutions ... the media, parents and educators, should be encouraged to consider what role they could play in the fight," said the G8 group in a statement.

    Germany chimed in by citing an example where it was able to track down a ring of child predator crimes by following a trail from credit cards and banks.

    Many countries have databases like the US for previous offenders, but some of the most notorious criminals skip countries and head to where they can't easily be tracked.  The G8 countries said they should form stronger pacts with Interpol (International Crime Police Organization) to more easily track down and arrest country-skipping offenders.

    The G8 is a global conference represented by Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the United States.