Planet Earth HD DVD topples Blu-ray sales

  • London (England) - The BBC series Planet Earth on HD DVD was the best seller among all high definition titles in its second week at retail.  The Blu-ray version came in second place.

    In its second week, for the seven-day period ended May 6, the 4-disc set became the first HD DVD box set to earn the top spot on Nielsen's weekly high-def charts.

    During the same period, the Blu-ray version of Planet Earth ranked #2, with sales of about 5% less than the HD DVD set.  Blu-ray, though, continues to hold the lead in market share, taking about 60% of all hi-def sales in the first week in May.

    However, the Planet Earth HD DVD set remains a top seller.  As of Tuesday morning, it is #4 on's list of top-selling DVDs.  Its Blu-ray counterpart, on the other hand, has slipped to #15.  Both are priced at around $67 on Amazon.

    During the week ended May 6, Blu-ray rounded up all remaining spots on the top five list, with Night at the Museum, Deja Vu, and Dreamgirls, respectively.