LG cools off with HDTV refrigerator

  • Las Vegas (NV) - At an event in Las Vegas, LG Electronics today unveiled a refrigerator with a built-in HDTV, fixing the previously mutually exclusive combination of getting food and watching Legally Blonde in HD.

    LG is one of the only manufacturers that currently offers a fridge with an LCD built into the front side of the door.  The company "is taking this innovation one step further with the introduction of our HDTV Refrigerator," said LG president John Herrington.

    The 15-inch LCD is mounted to the right-side refrigerator door and includes a digital tuner as well as the ability to receive cable signals.  On the left, above an ice/water dispenser, is another screen, measuring four inches, that displays time and weather information.

    The HDTV fridge will be heading to stores some time this summer, at a retail price of around $4000.