High school student arrested for posting YouTube murder hit

  • Staten Island (NY) - 16-year-old Matthew Pacelli hates math and hates his math teacher even more.  The Port Richmond New York high school student recently failed his math class and was arrested after posting a YouTube video which asked people to murder his math teacher.  In the video he advocated viewers to shoot the teacher “in the neck” and even gave the teacher’s name and home address.

    Some students at the high school said Pacelli was a loner and would often write suicidal notes.  Others compared him to the Virginia Tech murderer Seung Hui Cho.  A few students, however, didn’t think the incident was a big deal and thought it was a joke.

    Andrew Greenfield, the school’s head of security, says the math teacher, Penny Batsis, is not afraid and will continue working at the school.

    Pacelli has been suspended from school for a week and is out on a $1,500 bond.  Police have charged him with aggravated harassment which could land the boy in jail for up to a year.

    Read more and video … CBS 13 News .