Google scrambles to restore deleted homepages

  • Mountain View (CA) - Google is scrambling to restore deleted homepages after a maintenance plan went awry.  Internet news junkies and content addicts had their “Personalized Homepages” complete with personal links, notes and tabs temporarily deleted for most of Thursday.  Google representatives say they are making “good progress” in restoring the pages and say that most users should be able to access their custom homepages today.

    Users of Google’s Gmail can create a custom Google search page by clicking “Personalized Homepage”.  The top of the custom page is your plain vanilla Google search box, but users can add various gadgets like the Date and Time along the bottom.  Users can even replace the bland white background with various themes like beach or kids settings.

    Editor's Note - This story is a perfect example of how we learn about new features in software and technology during our workday.  We've always seen the personalized homepage option inside of Google, but never bothered to play around with it until we started writing this story.  We made a brand spanking new Google page in about 3 minutes, complete with Tom's Hardware Guide, Engadget and Digg feeds.  We also included a Gmail feed.


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