Man buys Harrier jet on eBay for $20,000

  • A UK man landed a $70 million aircraft for under $20,000, thanks to eBay.  The Sea Harrier jump jet was posted on the UK version of eBay, and winner Neil Banwell ended up the top bidder with only £10,000 (roughly $19,975).

    The retired craft was built in the 1980s, and was used in the Falklands War.  The two 30mm cannons are still equipped on the 45-foot-long jet.

    Neil, a 39-year-old Somerset resident, paid for it to be delivered to a nearby hangar. "It was my daughter Jess's 14th birthday and she put the bid on for me. We then went out to a barbecue and the next morning we found out we owned a Sea Harrier," Neil was quoted as saying in an Ananova story.