YouTube outsmarted by 15-year-old

  • Perth (Australia) - A teenager managed to outsmart YouTube by sending DMCA notice that forced the video sharing giant to take down hundreds of videos.  The 15-year-old Perth boy pretended to be with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and requested that clips from the show “The Chaser’s War on Everything” be removed.  YouTube complied and many of those videos are still offline.

    YouTube’s lawyers tracked down the boy who has since confessed and apologized for his misdeeds.  The interesting part is that the broadcasting company didn’t have any problem with the YouTube clips and its executives actually encourage clips to be shared.

    YouTube’s itchy trigger finger on the video removals shouldn’t be a surprise because of its heated negotiations with NBC Universal and Viacom.  Both have requested YouTube to remove video clips from their shows.  Viacom has also sued YouTube for more than a billion Dollars.

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