Study: 54% of teens discuss risky behaviors on social websites

  • Seattle (WA) - A recent study conducted by Seattle Children's Hospital Research Foundation has concluded that "54% of adolescents frequently discuss high-risk activities including sexual behavior, substance abuse or violence using MySpace, the popular social networking Web site (SNS)."

    Following a random sampling of 500 web profiles relating to self-reported 18-yr old males and females from the United States, 54% discussed high risk behaviors, 41% included substance abuse, 24% included sexual behavior and a staggering 14% included violent references.

    Females were less likely than males to reference violence, and teens identifying themselves as "straight" (instead of bisexual or homosexual) were more likely to discuss sexual behaviors.

    Profiles which related to religious involvement were "associated with decreased displays of risky behaviors, as were profiles that indicated engagement in sports or hobbies."

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