Intel Core i7 965 overclocked to 5.51 GHz

  • Fremont (CA) - An ASUS Rampage II Extreme motherboard equipped with TweakIt technology has taken an Intel Core i7 965 CPU to 5.51 GHz. The CPU's normal frequency is 3.2 GHz, making this a 72% overclock. The machine ran a 190 MHz base clock with a 29x multiplier. The machine owner who set the world record is the same guy who, last year took a Pentium 4 model 631 to 8.18 GHz - also a world record.

    The TweakIt technology in the ASUS motherboard allows a type of joystick control to manipulate clock-speed and multiplier in real-time while the machine is running. Unlike traditional overclocking motherboards which must alter settings via BIOS at bootup with reboots required in-between, provided the stability of the machine is not compromised the adjustments can be made while the machine is carrying out any normal task in any OS.

    Kudos to a man known as "duck," the Japanese overclocking guru.


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