Xerox to show off self-erasing paper at NEXTFEST

  • Chicago (IL) – Xerox plans on showing off its much touted self-erasing paper at the Wired NEXTFEST event in Chicago this week.  The paper works much like normal inkjet paper, but the text erases itself after 16 to 24 hours.  While this may not sound that great to home users, XEROX claims approximately 40% of all office printouts are temporary and discarded the same day they are printed.

    The paper is coated with chemicals that produce text when hit with light from a certain wavelength.  Over time, air and regular light slowly degrade the text until the paper becomes basically a “clean slate” again.  Theoretically, you can then pop the paper back into the printer for another print job.

    In addition to reducing waste, these documents could also serve well for the printing of confidential documents.  Hmmm… reminds me of the spy paper and disappearing ink sales ads you would often see in comic books and magazines back in the 1970s and 80s.

    We will be attending NEXTFEST and will be brining you the very latest pictures and information about the XEROX self-erasing paper.

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