A greener LA: Park 101

  • Park 101 is LA’s latest shot to connect the city’s historical districts, among which are Olvera Street, Chinatown, and Union station with the booming downtown business and government districts. It is an attempt at redesigning the urban footprint of the city much like Millennium Park in Chicago.


    Park 101 is comprised of four elements. There is a ½ mile park that caps the 101 freeway. It will include a large space for public gatherings and events, an amphitheater, 101 swings, and a forest within the city. The park will also offer a gigantic underground parking facility on the freeway level, which will offer individuals the chance to park their car while enjoying all that the park has to offer. The park will consist of two green towers on Grand Avenue - one is described to become the tallest building located west of the Mississippi River. Finally, the park will also have a mixed-use development that is comparable to the historical neighborhoods currently in the area.

    The plans for Park 101 were recently presented to a gigantic crowd in front of the Caltrans building. The proposal is currently being looked at seriously and closely by the City of Los Angeles Planning department and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

    There is no information yet as to what a park of this magnitude would set the city back, or when the park could be expected.

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