Power your PC with photovoltaic window panes

  • Solar power and windows coupled together are perfect technologies for generating energy. Recently, Japanese manufacturer Nihon Telecommunication Systems has come up with a way to maximize on this partnership. The company is preparing to release a solar windowpane that has integrated photovoltaic cells that will have the ability to provide power to a computer and also charge your cell phone.


    These windows do not come at a small price and will set you back around $1900 per square meter. Each square meter will be able to generate about 70 watts. The power will be delivered to your devices via a USB cable. Third-grade math suggests that you will need at least a double-window with four square meters of space to power a higher-end mainstream PC.

    The photovoltaics embedded in the windows create a tint on the windows which means that you will also have less heat and sunlight in your home, thus saving you both money and energy when cooling your home.