Boeing raises jet delivery forecast

  • Seattle (WA) – High fuel prices will push airlines to buy more fuel efficient planes, according to a new 20-year forecast released by Boeing.  The company says 29400 new jets will be needed in the next two decades and this is up from 28600 new jets predicted in last year’s forecast.  The planes will be worth a total of $3.2 trillion and will consist mostly of smaller one and two-aisle planes.

    Airlines will need 19160 new single-aisle planes while 6750 twin-aisle planes will be ordered in the next two years.  Costs for these planes will total $1.36 trillion and $1.47 trillion respectively.  Interestingly enough, Boeing predicts only 980 very large aircraft – like the massive Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 – will be needed.  Those planes will be worth $290 billion.

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