JetBlue passenger forced to sit bathroom, sues for $2 million

  • Long Beach (CA) – I don’t know whether to cry or laugh about this story… a JetBlue passenger is suing the airline for $2 million after he was forced to sit in the bathroom for most of his cross-country flight.  Mr. Gokhan Mutlu says he was “humiliated and dishonored” after the captain ordered him to give up his seat for a stewardess approximately 90 minutes into the five-hour flight.

    Mutlu was a standby passenger on the full flight from San Diego to New York on February 23rd.  Initially he was seated in a regular seat, but had to move after a stewardess complained that her jumpseat was uncomfortable.  Mutlu was then guided to the bathroom, while the stewardess took his spot.

    According to the lawsuit, the flight experienced severe turbulence while Mutlu was still seated in the bathroom.

    Mutlu tells the NY Post that he wouldn’t have sued if he had been allowed to switch seats with the stewardess, but the captain told him that this was against regulations.

    Read more … NY Post.