Intel's 3.2 GHz, 45nm QX9770 and X5482 examined

  • London (England) - The Inquirer has taken a sneak peak at some of Intel's 45nm processors.  There was a CPU-Z screenshot on one processor which showed a voltage of 4.02!  It is suspected that the CPU-Z utility needs to learn to read the voltage sensor data a little better as most believe that 4 volts will fry a CPU.  The processors examined are the QX9770 (single socket Core 2 Extreme) and Dual X5482 (dual socket Core 2 Xeon), both at 3.2 GHz on a 1.6 GHz FSB.

    The Inquirer's data shows Intel's latest Core 2 processors computing at 87,144 Megaflops (87.1 Gigaflops) and 106,634 MIPS.

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