Carbon nanotubes prove useful in cancer cure treatment

  • Houston (TX) - Medical researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Center and Rice University have discovered that carbon nanotubes can be used to cure cancer!  So far the process has only been tested on animals, but the tumors were completely destroyed with only minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

    The treatment involved four rabbits that were given liver tumors.  The researchers injected a solution of single-walled carbon nanotubes directly into the tumor area.  They then used a property of carbon nanotubes to combat the tumors.  When carbon nanotubes are exposed to radio frequency waves (RF waves), they generate heat.  The rabbits, after being injected, were exposed to a 13.56 MHz RF transmission for two minutes.  This heated up the carbon nanotubes, destroying the cancer cells.

    The researchers found that the heat killed the cancer cells without any significant side effects.  While no cancer cells remained alive, the researchers did note that nearby healthy liver tissue was also damaged due to leakage and the subsequent generated heat.  This occurred within 2-5 mm of the tumor.  However, it does not appear to have been damaging enough to cause any significant health concerns.

    Our scientists continue to find more and more uses for carbon nanotubes.  Soon, they'll probably be adding them to our water.  Read more ...

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