Lexar recalls hot flash drives

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Lexar have issued a recall of about 66,000 flash drives.

Microsoft includes Encarta with Student software

Microsoft will offer an updated version of its "Student" software that includes a few new features as well as the encyclopedia Encarta Premium 2007.

Pittsburgh downtown to get limited free Wi-Fi access

Pittsburgh (PA) - Following cities such as San Francisco and New Orleans, Pittsburgh downtown will also offer a free Wi-Fi network to computer users. However, free access will not only be limited in speed, but also to maximum of two hours per day. Higher bandwidths are available through paid service plans.

Microsoft to offer "bridge" to ODF in Office 2007

Redmond (WA) - Microsoft is bending to the forces promoting the Open Document Format (ODF) and announced that it will be offering an open-source add-in for Office 2007 applications that will be able to translate its Open XML formats into ODF.

Intel to begin volume production of Rosedale 2 and Ofer-R WiMAX chips by year-end 2006

Intel is set to begin volume production of its second-generation WiMAX chips, the Rosedale 2 as well as its WiFi/WiMAX dual mode chip, the Ofer-R, by the end of this year, according to market sources who are familiar with Intel's roadmap.

Microsoft approves Intel 915 chipsets for Vista

Although Intel is experiencing heavy GP chipset (915GM) inventory pressure as it transitions to the Napa platform, industry players noted that the chip giant may gain relief from Microsoft, which has approved the 915GM chipset - as well as the desktop 915G IGP chipset - for supporting the Vista operating system (OS).

Promos 1 Gbit DDR3 samples to be available in H1 2007

DRAM vendor Promos Technologies announced that its third 300mm facility (Fab 4), which will be built in Daya Township, Taichung County, will mainly operate as a DRAM fab, but the company does not reject the idea to allocate some capacity there for manufacturing NAND flash memory chips.

Microsoft seen having Ipod rival out by Christmas

Microsoft will start selling a digital music and video player to compete with Apple's iPod by Christmas, sources close to the matter said on Wednesday.

Samsung releases thin digital camera with 7x optical zoom

Samsung today released its compact NV7 OPS camera, which offers a 7x optical zoom in a slim form factor device. The 7-megapixel camera is crammed into a 4.2" by 2.5" by 0.8" thick frame and - despite it small size - has both optical and electronic image stabilization.

Alienware to offer Airgo MIMO wireless cards for some notebooks

Alienware will start offering Airgo's True MIMO wireless cards on its Aurora m9700 and mALX notebooks. The cards promise up to double the range of basic 802.11 b/g wireless, along with more bandwidth - up to 240 Mpbs.

Buffalo announces new Linkstation NAS device for businesses

Buffalo Technology has announced its newest Linkstation network attached storage (NAS) device that is aimed at small businesses and enterprises.

SiS662 chipset launched

Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) today announced the SiS662 chipset, which is targeted at mainstream computer systems based on Pentium 4 and dual-core Pentium D processors.

Apple's new "Emac" is a $900 Imac

Cupertino (CA) - Time for a change: Apple today replaced the Emac computer, which resembled the look of the first-generation CRT Imac, with an updated version that sports the design of the current system. The "education configuration" is available from $900 and is priced $100 below from regular Imac computers.

Samsung sends GDDR4 graphics memory into mass production

San Jose (CA) - Graphics cards could soon see a boost in speed with the next generation of graphics memory having entered the first stage of mass production. Samsung says that the technology is able to process images about 33% faster than today's GDDR3 memory. Samsung manufactures the first GDDR4 memory modules in 80 nm and claims that each in input/output pin of the memory has a data processing bandwidth of 2.4 Gb/s, which compares to about 2.0 Gb/s of GDDR3 memory.

Netgear Wi-Fi phone launch to be delayed until mid-July

The first Wi-Fi phone developed by network product maker Netgear and certified by VoIP provider Skype is expected to hit the market on 15 July.

Nvidia preps 7900-series cards with HDCP support

Nvidia will launch upgraded versions of the GeForce 7900 GTX and GeForce 7900 GT graphics cards that support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) between July and the middle of August, with the cards continuing to be manufactured by Flextronics, according to sources at Taiwan graphics card makers.

Benq to ship Blu-ray burner next month

Benq is planning to ship its BW1000 Blu-ray burner to Europe next month. The unit can read and write to 25 GB and 50 GB Blu-ray discs at up to 2X speeds, which equals about 9 MB per second. The BW1000 will also burn older DVDs and CDs.

Latest browser bug crashes IE6

Security researchers have found a new bug that can crash patched versions of Internet Explorer 6. The code and a demonstration link are available on the "Browser Fun" blog, which posts browser exploit code.

Taipei boasts largest Wi-Fi network in the world

Taipei City mayor Ying-jeou Ma recently highlighted achievements the city has made in establishing an information infrastructure by pointing out that Taipei received the "2006 Intelligent Community of the Year" award on June 9 from the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) in addition to recently being declared as having the "world's largest Wi-Fi network" by US-based JiWire, a global Wi-Fi hotspot authority.

Mobile data market to be driven by youths

As the mobile data market shifts from voice to data traffic, a whole host of new applications are coming into play. As the mobile data market shifts from voice to data traffic, a whole host of new applications are coming into play. As the Asia-Pacific mobile data service market enters this new phase of development, a 'youth revolution' has begun. In developed countries, around 10 - 15% of all disposable income of youths is spent on mobile products, displacing traditional outlets like clothing, toys, and comic books.