New Intel CPUs for entry-level notebooks attract international makers

Intel started offering a series of CPUs in June that are not on its roadmap with aggressive pricing for international notebook makers, according to sources.

Could 10 - 20% yields for Cell processors lead to problems for Sony PS3?

Comments made by an IBM engineering VP in last week's Electronic News have raised concerns about the Sony/Toshiba/IBM alliance's capability to produce Cell processors at the rate, and in the quantities, required by Sony for that company to meet its sales goals for PlayStation 3. IBM indicated that certain redundancies in Cell architecture can compensate for defects in production.

AMD really will drop Athlon 64 prices to compete with Intel Core 2 Duo

Yes, AMD does intend to drop its prices for Athlon 64 processors, at or about the same time Intel announces its Conroe processor availability later this month. TG Daily re-confirmed the news with AMD spokesperson Damon Muzny. Now that Intel may have at least evened the stakes in the performance-per-watt battle, AMD's plan appears to be to shift the focus to performance-per- dollar.

Tom's Hardware: Core 2 Duo smokes AMD's Athlon 64 X2

Westlake Village (CA) - Just about two weeks ahead of the official launch, Core 2 Duo's true performance capability comes to light. In tests conducted by Tom's Hardware Guide, Intel's new processor delivered stunning results, outpacing its AMD rival in almost every discipline. For the first time in about two years, Intel is offering a superior desktop processor that may cause more than just a headache for AMD.

Revised Dell XPS 700 to feature overclocked Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU

See the upgraded Dell XPS 700, and other revelations, here...

AMD ships first processors manufactured at Chartered

AMD today announced that it began its first revenue shipments of AMD 64 processors that have been manufactured at Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing in Singapore

Eurocom launches new 512 MB VGA modules for its high-end laptops

Eurocom Corporation, a Canadian laptop manufacturer, has launched two new 512 MB Nvidia graphics modules for its high-end laptop computers. The Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GTX and Quadro FX2500M modules will be available for Eurocom's M590K Emperor, D900K F-Bomb, D900T Phanton and M570U Divine laptops.

Bacteria could help future drives hold terabytes of data

A Harvard Medical School professor claims that proteins from murky marshes could form the basis for higher capacity storage devices. Professor Venkatesan Renugopalakrishnan says proteins from the membrane of a salt marsh bacterium can be genetically altered to store data at areal densities of up to 50 terabits per square inch.

CSFB analyst warns of lower Ipod availability ahead of refresh

Reuters reports that, in a statement issued today, Credit Suisse First Boston analyst Robert Semple warned that Apple could be reducing its inventories of current models of iPod players, in advance of a refresh of the product line, which he expects to see in September or October.

Microsoft makes Virtual PC 2004 available for free

In an anticipated move, Microsoft released Virtual PC 2004 Service Pack 1, its virtual desktop computer BIOS and environment for Windows XP, to the general public for a free download.

Small percentage of people watching video on their mobile phones and iPods - report

Knowledge Networks, a Menlo Park-based market research firm, has released a study that claims 50% of those who subscribe to video cell phone services actually watch video. The report titled How People Use Mobile Video studied mobile video usage on mobile phones, iPods and laptops and surprisingly concludes that only three percent of the 13 to 54 year old broadband population actually have used their phones and video iPods to watch video.

Sony releases higher capacity Micro Vault flash drives

Sony has announced newer and higher capacity versions of their famous Micro Vault line of flash drives. The new drives come in 256 MB to 4 GB capacities and are "Byte-sized" according to Sony. The Micro Vaults measure 1/2" wide and 1" long while being about the thickness of a quarter.

Microsoft's Private Folder application may not be so private

Westlake Village (CA) - Yesterday we wrote about Microsoft's free Private Folder 1.0 application that encrypts and password protects a folder on a desktop. Thanks to the astute eyes of one of our readers and according to a closer look into the application, the contents of the folder may not be so private. Reader Johnny Granlund emailed us this morning saying that he was able to access the folder simply by rebooting into Safe Mode. The question however remained - are the contents in the private folder still protected?

Gates: Vista likely to be ready in January

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said Tuesday there was an 80 percent chance the company's next-generation operating system, Windows Vista, would be ready in January.

HP may ship color version of Lightscribe later this year

Careful reading of the Lightscribe user guide included with Hewlett-Packard's Lightscribe-capable DVD burners reveals an expansion of the CD labeling technology. Lightscribe CD and DVD burners use specially coated recordable CDs and DVDs to directly "etch" labels onto the discs.

Lite-On IT may offer SATA DVD burners in Q4

Lite-On IT, the largest maker of optical disc drives (ODDs) in Taiwan, is planning production of DVD burners supporting the SATA (serial advanced technology attachment) interface standard, according to industry sources.

Prices for pre-N devices get slashed by over 20%

Leading vendors of consumer networking devices in the US have recently lowered their prices for related pre-N (draft 802.11n) products, with the prices for a majority of items slashed over 20%, according to market sources.

Sun luring enterprise customers away from Intel

Santa Clara (CA) - Sun today announced new AMD-based performance datacenter servers, which can carry up to 16 processors or up to 24 TB of storage space in one 4U chassis. The new models are squarely aimed at the Intel-based competition and Sun hopes that the sparkling AMD Opteron brand will once again fuel the firm's growth in the x86 server segment.

Microsoft releases free encrypted folder app

Microsoft has released a free application that allows users to create an encrypted and password-protected folder. Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 works on Windows XP and Media Center Editions with Service Pack 2 and is meant to provide a consumer-level of protection. Microsoft warns that it is "not intended to provide security against hackers."

D-Link ships flip-style Wi-Fi phone

D-Link today introduced its flip-style Wi-Fi Phone, which can be used for VoIP-based voice calls.