Intel is back: Core 2 Duo launches

Santa Clara (CA) - In a confusing series of events, Intel today introduced its much anticipated Core 2 Duo processor. First, it wasn't so certain until recently that the desktop and mobile CPU would launch simultaneously; then, we saw different release dates around the globe with numerous publications breaking embargo dates; in the end, Intel broke its own embargo and released the processor in the US a few hours early.

Official: Intel releases Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme

Core 2 Duo in detail: Past, present and future (22 images) ...

The long road to Conroe

Santa Clara (CA) - History may credit AMD almost as much as Intel with the creation of the Woodcrest, Conroe, and Merom architectures, the latter two of which Intel released today. In 2004, AMD effectively threw down a very sizeable gauntlet, challenging Intel on every conceivable front, including retail outlets and courtrooms, to innovate or perish. In good time, Intel responded, with a marketing program and technology initiative that many felt was contrived, inconclusive, lacking vigor.

Conroe, Merom release expected from Intel at 11:30 PST

Reuters this morning made public the news that is still hours away from being made official: Intel will officially unveil its Conroe and Merom processor architectures into its Core 2 Duo series, in a gala announcement slated for 11:30 Pacific Time this morning.

Windows Vista won't natively support Wireless USB, says Intel

Taipei (Taiwan) - New Wireless USB devices are coming, but will there be an operating system to welcome them? At the Certified Wireless USB Developers Conference, major hardware and software companies promised to start providing Certified Wireless USB devices by the end of the year. While this may sound hopeful, DigiTimes today cites Jeff Ravencraft, Intel's technology strategist, as saying Microsoft Vista will not natively support wireless USB devices.

Seven out of ten mobile PCs are outsourced to Shanghai, says iSuppli

In a report released today, iSuppli delivered the stunning news that 82.6% of all mobile PCs produced worldwide - more than four out of five units produced anywhere - are outsourced by their vendors to original design manufacturers (ODMs).

Samsung's 4 GB Vista flash SSD to be priced under $200

Following the announcement of its 4 GB solid state disk (SSD) flash drive late yesterday, Samsung today clarified some open questions and provided additional information about the product to TG Daily. According to a spokesperson, the drive will be targeting owners of high-end PCs that intend to accelerate the performance of their Windows Vista PCs. The drive is likely to be available to system vendors to be pre-installed into new PCs as well as to the retail market to enable users to upgrade PCs they already own.

How soon could Apple build an 'e-book' Ipod?

Last Friday, Engadget reported that it had learned from an unnamed publisher that certain of its staff had been ordered to ship electronic copies of all its manuscripts to Apple. Like an echo chamber set to reverb, press sources have sited this story as an indication that such a device could be announced as soon as September. Let's re-examine the facts.

AMD says two dual-cores in 4x4 better than one

AMD has gone in hard to defend its marketshare in the wake of some earth shattering dual-core chip releases by Intel due this week.

Hawking Technologies ships MIMO wireless router for Mac users

Hawking Technologies today announced that it has started shipments of a high-speed enhanced-range wireless router designed specifically for Mac users.

Samsung readies 4 GB flash drive for Windows Vista PCs

UPDATE 26 July 3:20 PM EST: Samsung's 4 GB Vista flash SSD to be priced under $200 San Jose (CA) - Samsung on Tuesday announced a solid state disk drive that promises to completely eliminate hard drive delays on PCs. The disk is designed to take advantage of Microsoft's ""Ready Boost"" feature in Windows Vista and will be available ""around"" the time the new operating system launches.

Sonic supports Blu-ray on the Mac

It appears Mac's are now equipped to get into the Blu-ray game.

Yahoo, Symantec unveil Internet security service

Yahoo and Symantec unveiled a joint consumer Internet security service on Monday that will help the two companies compete against major rivals such as Google and Microsoft.

Motorola thins out the RAZR line

Motorola's new line of Razr handsets is slimmer than ever, and the company hopes the they will expand the customer base of its already popular line of cell phones.

Apple's Mighty Mouse now without tail

Apple today introduced a wireless version of its Mighty Mouse. Sporting the same overall look and providing the essentially same functionality as the original Mighty Mouse, the updated model offers a reliable, secure connection to Mac computers.

Intel, Micron challenge Samsung with first 50 nm flash memory

Santa Clara (CA) - Samsung, which has been leading the NAND flash market with more than 50% market share and is the typically first to introduce a new production process for flash memory may see more competition down the road: The NAND flash joint venture between Intel and Micron, IM Technologies, is first to announce sampling of a 50 nm chip.

Warner Bros., Itunes reach video content deal

In just the latest move to bolster the wealth of video content available for the iPod, Apple has reached an agreement with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group to make several of its more popular franchises available for download via iTunes.

Google tests traffic-enhanced Maps content for mobile users

AMD's Chutzpah Is Sexy

I cannot believe that I am saying this, but AMD has managed to make itself sexy and alluring. It has done so by buying ATI. Sure, I did harp on in the past about Nvidia buying AMD, but it seems that Nvidia is a mite too arrogant and cocksure for AMD, at least that is the feeling coming from jilted Texan hearts.

Internet phone quality disappoints - survey

Despite its increasing popularity, it is no secret that VoIP phone calls cannot quite replace a regular phone, if reliability and call quality is important. A new study now indicates that voice quality has not improved over time; Brix Networks claims that VoIP quality has decreased "significantly and steadily over the last 18 months."