Accton to start volume shipments of Skype Wi-Fi phones in August

Taiwan-based Accton Technology is expected to begin volume shipments of its Skype-enabled Wi-Fi phones to two of its subsidiaries, Edge-Core and SMC Networks, as well as US-based Belkin in August, according to sources at Accton.

After the AMD / ATI merger: Will Nvidia GeForce still compete with ATI Radeon?

Markham (Ontario) - The key reason processor producer AMD sought to merge with graphics card manufacturer ATI was to enable itself to produce a complete performance platform for mobile computers, complete with CPU, chipset, and GPU. That ATI was one of the world's two principal producers of high-performance graphics cards for OEMs and system builders was an incidental bonus, based on TG Daily's assessment of the information given it by both companies.

Microsoft to charge for beta software

Microsoft is set to charge a nominal fee for Office 2007 Beta 2 downloads, a move that runs counter to the practice held by most software companies.

Mercury intros Cell accelerator board for PC workstations

Boston (MA) - If you are attracted by the processing power of the Cell processor, but don't want to give up your existing PC environment or invest in a completely new workstation environment, Mercury may have a solution for you: The company offers a PCI express accelerator board with Cell processor that promises a whopping 180 GFlops performance boost.

Ruckus Wireless announces Metro Wi-Fi home gateway

Ruckus Wireless today announced the commercial availability of a wireless home gateway designed for connection to city-wide Wi-Fi networks at "better than DSL speeds".

Delayed shipments of Intel G965 chipset may interrupt Conroe's march

On 27 July when Intel announced its Core 2 Duo CPU lineup based on the Intel Core microarchitecture, the chip giant did not yet start shipments of its G965 chipset that may later appear as the chip giant's first chipset with DirectX 10 integrated graphics processor (IGP), according to unspecified motherboard makers in Taiwan.

Thermaltake launches Cyclo module memory cooler

Thermaltake recently launched its Cyclo (CL-R0023) modular memory cooler that can cool four sticks of RAM all at once.

Acer to equip Veriton PCs with Intel vPro

Acer will introduce Intel vPro technology to its Veriton Professional business desktop PC lineup in order to enhance productivity and efficiency of small-, medium-, and large-businesses.

CPT to ship 22" widescreen LCD monitor panels in Q1 2007

Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) will begin shipping 22" widescreen panels in the first quarter of 2007 at the soonest, according to industry sources.

AMD '4x4' technology discussed at analysts' meeting

A very small conference, gathering together certain selected AMD technology supporters, including VooDoo PC and Microsoft, was held last Tuesday, the topic of which was the company's upcoming double-dual-core hardware platform, code-named "4x4."

University hacker duo accused of boosting grades and ordering pizza

Two Cal State Northridge University students have been accused of hacking a professor's computer to raise grades, order CDs and send pizza. Lena Chen and Jennifer Ngan face up to a year in prison and will be arraigned next month. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles city attorney's office says the two students hacked the computer because they felt "the professor was unfair".

Microsoft to bet "hundreds of millions of dollars" on Zune - report

Microsoft is serious about taking on Apple in the portable media player business. According to several media reports covering an analyst conference held by the company yesterday, the company is set to throw in hundreds of millions of dollars into its new business - which may not only impact but also threaten the existence of several smaller media player makers such as Creative or Iriver.

Linksys rolls out two SOHO VPN routers

Linksys is rolling out two VPN routers aimed at the consumer/small office user. The RVS4000 and RVL200 are both four-port routers that give VPN security to up to five remote users.

Nvidia to soon provide SLI support to Intel

Now that it has the resources of AMD behind, ATI Technologies is confident that it will be able to produce more compact, faster GPUs while being to reach the channel more effectively, and the graphics chip maker has indicated its rival is now standing alone in the market.

Intel resumes Celeron D 315/326 offerings for channel

Intel re-offered its desktop-use Celeron D 315 and 326 processors on 23 July in an attempt to compete with AMD's Sempron CPU lineup, according to sources.

Thermaltake introduces NAS-RAID drive storage system

Thermaltake introduced its Muse N0001LN NAS-(Network Attached Storage-) RAID drive storage system.

Samsung claims to introduce highest-density MMC cards

Samsung Electronics announced today that it has developed the industry's highest density MultiMediaCard (MMC)-format flash-memory card, based on its most advanced multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory.

Second Hand Smoke: The Demise of Objective Benchmarking

The most interesting fallout from the recent AMD/ATI acquisition is going to be the impact it has on reviewers. Although I doubt that there will be any immediate impact on traditional benchmarking scenarios, I don't doubt that objective comparisons through performance testing will cease to have much relevance to the greater population in the near future.

Pentium D prices fall due to Core 2 intro, some Athlon 64 X2 prices follow

As expected, the official entry of Intel's new Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors into the "in stock" category from major retailers is pushing street prices for dual-core Pentium D 900 series processors down, over 10% since last Tuesday and down about 40% since 18 July, according to the latest figures from PriceGrabber.

Up to $16,000: Core 2 Duo computers flood the Net

Westlake Village (CA) - A flurry of new computer announcements based on Intel's latest dual-core processor is hitting the Internet. Several computer companies are releasing specs on business and gaming desktops that use the Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors. The processor was official launched today and several companies including Alienware, Dell, Gateway, Velocity Micro and Voodoo PC are introducing new computers.