Nikon's D80 camera finally official

Melville (NY) - Nikon has finally taken the wraps off of its new D80 digital SLR camera. The new 10.2-megapixel camera can take up to three shots per second promises a strong battery that is able to offer enough juice to shoot up to 2700 pictures on one charge.

AMD to launch new Socket F/AM2 Opterons on 15 August

AMD today officially confirmed that it will be announcing its-next generation Opteron workstation and server processor next Tuesday. The new processor will use the new Socket F as well as the Socket AM2 previously introduced for the desktop processors Sempron, Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2 and FX.

Intel open sources Linux driver for latest graphics chipset

Intel continues to quietly but consistently expand its open source Linux driver initiative. The company recently added support for the just released 965 version, which is currently shipping as a new-generation chipset for Core 2 Duo computers.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ in channel for $149, price cut to follow

As earlier expected, AMD started shipping its Socket AM2 Athlon 64 X2 3600+ dual-core CPU to channel partners ahead of the original schedule.

Samsung develops first 3" VGA screen for digital cameras

Samsung announced that it has developed the first 3" LCD for digital still cameras (DSC) that is capable of displaying a resolution of 640x480 pixels (VGA).

Fuji's new digital SLR camera helps fight crime

Valhalla (NY) - A new camera from Fuji could help law enforcement catch criminals. The FinePix S3 Pro UVIR is a 12-megapixel digital camera that can also photograph in ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. Ultraviolet photography can capture gun shot residue, blood and semen stains along with altered writing. Infrared photos could help police in night surveillance situations.

Vista beta tester posts video of speech recognition

A beta tester working with build 5472, the July Community Technology Preview of Microsoft Windows Vista, has posted an MP4 video of his own desktop, showing an apparently successful demonstration of Vista's new speech recognition features.

Driver update enables DIY quad-SLI systems

Santa Clara (CA) - If only four graphics cards deliver enough pixel power for your PC and you just weren't ready to shell out more than $5000 for a new PC, then here's your solution: Nvidia today posted the first generally available driver to support do-it-yourself quad-SLI graphics. See the slide show for Nvidia's 7950 GX2...

Dell blames cooling assembly for XPS 700 delays

UPDATE 8 August 2006 5:50 pm ET Round Rock (TX) - Dell Computer corporate communications specialist Liem Nguyen told TG Daily this afternoon that a problem with the installation of the cooling assembly in the company's top-of-the-line enthusiast desktop system, the XPS 700, has been pegged as the culprit responsible for shipment delays, a series of which has plagued the product since its announcement late last May.

Sprint Nextel to launch 4 Mb WiMax network in Q4 2007

New York (NY) - Sprint Nextel aims to become the first nationwide WiMax provider in the U.S. The company today announced plans to deploy its next-generation "4G" network that will combine regular CDMA phone capability with EVDO services and WiMax wireless broadband with an anticipated launch date of Q4 2007 and an estimated reached of 100 million customers in 2008.

Hackers clone radio-chip passports

Passports and other ID cards incorporating radio chips can be remotely spied on, jammed and even copied, computer experts revealed at a major conference that ended on Sunday.

Unisys reports missing PC containing veteran personal data

Unisys has lost a desktop computer used for its work with the Department of Veterans Affairs that contains personal information on as many of 38,000 veterans.

More Microsoft Office speech recognition features demoed at conference

New York (NY) - At an early morning session of Day 2 of the SpeechTEK conference, which is focused on speech recognition technologies, Microsoft demonstrated more of the integrated speech recognition features that the company plans to unveil in its upcoming Office Communications Server 2007, an enterprise networking extension to Office.

Sony unveils "Mylo" Wi-Fi communicator

San Diego (CA) - Sony today announced a portable communicator device that connects to any open Wi-Fi hotspot and enable its users to stay in contact with friends via email, chat and voice chat. Mobile communicators are not a new idea, we have seen several devices come and go especially in the past five years. Probably the most noteworthy is AOL's Mobile Communicator that tried to make AOL "Anywhere" a reality by merging cellphone connectivity with email and instant messaging functionality into a pocket-sized form factor back in 2001.

New Mac OS X 'Leopard' features may leave the door open for Vista

San Francisco (CA) - Banners outside Moscone Center - the site of today's Apple Worldwide Developers' Conference - were unveiled this morning, revealing the latest look at Apple's marketing campaign for its next version of Mac OS X, formerly code-named "Leopard." The signs read, "Introducing Vista 2.0."

Lenovo to use Athlon, Sempron CPUs in Thinkcentre PCs

Raleigh (NC) - AMD scored another design win today with Lenovo announcing that it will build Athlon 64 and Sempron processors into a business-targeted desktop PC: After the J series for home users, the Thinkcentre A60 series is the second model to offer AMD's CPUs as an alternative to Intel processors.

Panasonic's Toughbook gets wireless broadband

Panasonic today launched the Toughbook CF-29, the first Toughbook that comes with Cingular's 3G Broadband Connect service as standard feature.

Mac Pro, new Xserve will feature dual Intel Xeons, will start shipping today

It's Intel Xeon 5100 processors - not Core 2 Duos - that will be at the heart of the new Mac Pro series announced this morning. In fact, they'll have a dual-processor configuration for four simultaneous cores, replacing the old Power G5 "quad" configuration. And confirming speculation from last week, Nvidia's 7300 GT card will come standard, although an ATI Radeon is being offered as an upgrade.

Google warns of malware on websites

Google has begun warning users about visiting websites that include malware capable of damaging computers. Security software, including the latest beta of McAfee's upcoming Internet Security Suite and Microsoft's OneCare Live, have been offering a similar functionality, but a warning delivered directly by a search engine is a fairly new trend.

Wikipedia to ship preloaded on $100 laptops

The One Laptop per Child (OLPC) association says that it will preload its $100 laptop computers with a snapshot of select Wikipedia articles. In a statement releases with the announcement, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales was quoted saying "OLPC's mission goes hand in hand with our goal of distributing encyclopedic knowledge, free of charge, to every person in the world. Not everybody in the world has access to a broadband connection. This is exactly the type of project that advances Wikipedia's core mission."