Corsair introduces 1111 MHz "Dominator" memory

Forget 1 GHz memory, 1111 MHz is what you need. In what appears to be an accelerating race between performance memory manufacturers, Corsair has taken the lead. The company today announced its "DHX XMS2 Dominator memory series," which includes the first PC2-8888 memory. The modules are clocked at 1111 MHz at CAS 4 settings. Corsair also offers a "regular" and "lower-cost" PC2-8500 (1066 MHz, CL-5) version of the new memory.

MXL Microphones promises studio quality sound in a USB microphone

El Segundo (CA) - Studio quality microphones often require big audio inputs not commonly available on a computer. MXL Microphones announced a new condenser microphone that plugs into a computer's USB port. The company claims the MXL USB.006 microphone will bring "big rich studio" sound to both PCs and Macs.

Core 2 Duo notebooks offered from $850

Miami (FL) - Ever since its acquisition up until today, Alienware had been considered the premium, custom, ultra-cool, real PC division of the otherwise wrinkled-polyester Dell. But today's introduction by Alienware of a lightweight notebook powered by a Core 2 Duo T5500, in a decently distinctive case, selling for $849, signals that the division is aiming for a new and possibly lucrative market: Call it the "economy sport" class.

Tom's Hardware launches updated Interactive VGA Charts

Tom's Hardware has updated its popular VGA Charts that allow readers to compare the performance and value of two graphics cards in various benchmark disciplines side by side.

Plextor to ship Blu-ray burner in October

Fremont (CA) - Plextor today announced that it will be shipping its first Blu-ray writer for PC in October of this year. The PX-B900A is an internal ATAPI drive that will include software to playback Blu-ray movies on computer systems with Windows XP and Vista.

Dell, others roll out Core 2 Duo notebooks

Round Rock (TX) - Several notebook builders are expected to announce the first wave of Core 2 Duo systems today. This includes Dell, which has deployed the new processor, previously code-named ""Merom"", across its product family of XPS, Inspiron and Latitude notebooks as well as Precision mobile workstations. The company promises that it will begin shipping the new notebooks within a week.

Sharp announces tiny wireless LAN module with record low power consumption

Sharp recently announced that it has developed what it claims is the smallest wireless LAN module for portable devices with the lowest electricity consumption ever.

High-capacitance MLCCs said to be in shortage due to Sony PS3

High-capacitance multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are in short supply because of the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) game console, according to sources with passive components makers.

Atheros releases "cost optimized" draft 11n chipset and network processor line

Atheros today announced the launch of a cost-optimized draft 802.11n chipset featuring a 2x2 MIMO design. It also introduced a line of network processors.

LG preps a Chocolate headset

LG, which recently unveiled its stylish "Chocolate" cellphone, will soon be offering a Bluetooth headset that matches the look and feel of the phone. First pictures of the device have appeared on the Internet this week.

Culver City starts filtering Wi-Fi access

Some web surfers on Culver City's free wireless network won't be able to access some content anymore. The Southern California city has installed network filters to prohibit pornographic and peer-to-peer traffic. City officials ordered filtering the content after they noticed some users are downloading pornographic content.

Toshiba will manufacture wireless Zune for Microsoft, photos reveal

Redmond (WA) - A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to Reuters this afternoon that an MP3 player, for which Toshiba has filed for a license with the FCC, is actually the Zune player that Toshiba will apparently be manufacturing on behalf of Microsoft. The application was for a 30 GB hard drive MP3 player with a 3" color display.

Panda Software launches "ultra-light" anti-virus software

Panda Software has released a new antivirus package that claims to have an ultra-light memory footprint. The Antivirus 2007 software combines an antivirus, anti-phishing and anti-spyware scanners and can be installed on up to two machines for one price.

Sony's battery troubles could turn into windfall for Korean firms

Sony's battery recalls could help boost sales Korean battery makers. Following the recalls of Apple and Dell notebooks batteries, Korean newspapers are betting that their hometown favorites such as Samsung will gain market share.

Canon to release AA battery-powered 10 MP Powershot at $399

Lake Success (NY) - Three years ago, Canon introduced its Powershot A-series digital cameras, with the idea of introducing creative photographers' features into the consumer market. Today, the company announced some boosts to that product line, replacing the A700 introduced just last February with the A710 IS, boosting image size from 6.0 to 7.1 Mp; and bolstering the A600 line with two new models, of which one will boost the image size to from 7.1 to 10 Mp.

With ATI focused on AMD, new opportunities seen for VIA and SiS

Taiwan-based chipset vendors VIA Technologies and Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) are expected to benefit from ATI's rumored decision to cut down chipset developments for the Intel platform, sources at Taiwan motherboard makers indicated.

Tul launches PowerColor X1950 graphics cards for enthusiasts

Tul, a Taiwan-based provider of ATI-based graphic cards, on August 24 introduced its PowerColor X1950 XTX and CrossFire graphic cards that support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).

Gateway "believes" its notebook batteries are safe

Gateway, the nation's third largest PC manufacturer, today said that it "believes" that its notebook batteries are not affected by problems that prompted Dell and Apple to recall a total of almost six million notebook batteries. "Based on available information and our suppliers' input, we do not believe our systems are at risk for the same malfunctions that caused our competitors to issue battery recalls. It appears that a combination of factors led to the fault requiring the recalls, and this combination is not present in our systems," the company said.

A closer look at ATI's current price/performance lead over Nvidia

Markham (Ontario) - As we reported yesterday, in the first test results compiled using Tom's Hardware Guide tests of relative graphics card performance, and average sale prices sampled Tuesday from PriceGrabber and Froogle, ATI-brand graphics cards led Nvidia across the board, with a few noteworthy exceptions. In our new projected price/performance curve for GPUs, ATI takes the lead in both the value and premium segments.

Logitech puts a double-spin on mice

Fremont (CA) - Computer mice are fairly boring devices and companies have tried adding lasers, vibration sensors and scrolling wheels to spice them up. Now Logitech has announced its new MX and VX Revolution mouse line that has not one, but two metal scrolling wheels that can scroll through thousands of pages in a single flick. The wheel can also select words inside of documents or search the Internet.