Apple unveils Core 2 Duo Imacs

Cupertino (CA) - Apple today launched the second generation of Intel-based Imac computers, which now integrate Intel's mobile Core 2 Duo processor with "Merom" core. There is also a new high-performance model with a 24" screen that lifts the Imac into the price territory of enthusiast systems. Core 2 Duo T7600 in Tom's Hardware's test lab

Alienware updates m9700 notebook line with SLI graphics

Alienware is revamping its line of 17" m9700 notebooks by adding new colors and upping the graphics firepower. New "Conspiracy Blue" and "Cyborg Green" colors will be added to the lineup, while the dual graphics cards will be updated to 512 MB Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GS models. This will give the m9700 1GB of graphics memory.

ATI releases Vista RC1 graphics driver

ATI has published what the company calls "rock-solid" Catalyst graphic card drivers for Windows Vista RC1. The company promises that the new drivers "improve on the leading stability and performance found in previous versions, and introduce new features such as ATI's Powerplay power management technology for improved battery life for mobile platforms." The new drivers are available for download from ATI's website.

Office Depot's $100 PC

Retail chain Office Depot advertised a $99.99 PC package last weekend as a warm-up for this year's Thanksgiving Day sales. Not surprisingly, the PC wasn't quite a powerhouse, but it was a complete system including a monitor and printer. The HP minitower used a Celeron D 352 (3.2 GHz) processor, 256 MB memory, an 80 GB hard drive a CD burner and an "F380" all-in-one printer. There are some strings attached - cuh as the the common mail-in-rebates, which total $330. A reader also informed us that Office Depot asks for a "minimum" $99 shipping charge.

FreeDOS v1.0 released

An open source project maintaining a free DOS-compatible operating system commonly used in embedded devices such as cash registers has achieved its first-ever major release.

New Ipods set for launch on 12 Sep?

In a digital invitation sent out to US-based media this morning, Apple confirmed that it will hold a special event on 12 September to introduce new products and services.

Lacie offers biometric hard drives

Lacie has upgraded its biometrically-protected SAFE hard drive line with a desktop edition, adding an internal firmware lock to help prevent data from being accessed if the actual hard drive is removed from the chassis.

Corel releases Snapfire rivaling Google

Corel was defeated by Microsoft a few years back while competing for the PC software market. Now that it's relisted as a public company and has been reorganized, it faces a tough new rival in Google

Konica Minolta updates $300 color laser printer

Konica Minolta replaces its entry level 2400W printer with the new 2500W. Offering an identical feature set, the new model comes in a slightly revised design for the same price.

Five million users to participate in Windows Vista RC1 test

Redmond (WA) - Windows Vista is officially out of the beta stage and Microsoft is preparing for the first mass testing of its new operating system. A total of five million RC1 copies will be made available through the company's customer preview program within the next days. Microsoft confirmed pricing and the release dates of the software.

Volume shipments of G965-based motherboards again delayed

Due to a problem with chipset drivers, motherboard makers cannot start shipping products utilizing Intel's G965 Express chipset, sources at Taiwan's motherboard industry indicated.

Palm Treo 700wx for Sprint to run on Windows Mobile OS

Palm today announced the Treo 700wx mobile smartphone, the latest offering in its line of PDA phones that are available for the the firm's "Power Vision Network." It will run on the Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system, making it the first Windows Mobile Treo phone offered by Sprint, according to Palm.

Samsung ships first samples of compact embedded Flash

Samsung said it has started shipping samples of "MoviNAND" Flash memory modules to "manufactureres of mobile products". The devices combine regular NAND Flash memory with a standard multimedia card (MMC) v.4 controller and onboard firmware. According to Samsung, the technology simplifies the integration of memory into products such as MP3 players, digital cameras and cellphones.

MSI launches Intel G965 and Q965 series motherboards

Micro Star International (MSI) recently introduced a series of motherboards based Intel G965/Q965 chipsets.

Dell reportedly to use about 20 million AMD CPUs

Market sources say that about 20 million Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) processors will be used in Dell's servers, desktop PCs and notebooks between the fourth quarter of 2006 and the fourth quarter of 2007.

Lite-On It 18x DVD burner shipments to start rising next quarter

Lite-On IT started volume production of 18x DVD burners in July of this year and expects shipments of such burners to begin to increase next quarter, according to industry sources, who noted that Sony launched a 18x Super Multi model in Europe last month and Pioneer will also offer a 18x DVD burner.

Archos PMP will get a Wi-Fi add-on

Archos will soon offer an updated version of its current "604" portable media player (PMP) that can connect to Wi-Fi networks: Named "604 Wi-Fi," the device sports the same design and basic hardware specs as the regular 604, the new player will enable users to share digital content with other devices such as PC that are connected to a 802.11 b/g network. The device will also include a version of Opera's web browser to allow users to surf the Internet. Data entry is enabled via the 4.3" (480x272 pixel) touchscreen and a virtual keyboard.

Microsoft: Windows Vista RC 1 "complete"

Microsoft took a major step towards the release of Windows Vista on Friday, when Jim Allchin, co-president of the firm's platforms & services division, announced that Windows Vista RC1 is done!"

CPU core control key to power efficiency, says AMD

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD's quad-core architecture won't be released until mid-2007, but the company is already discussing some features of the new Opterons and Athlons. Power consumption will remain a center piece of AMD's product strategy: Clock speed control of the individual cores will allow the chips to remain in the same power envelope as their dual-core predecessors.

Shuttle rolls out Core 2 Duo SFF computer

City of Industry (CA) - Shuttle has rolled out their newest small form factor computer built specially for Intel's Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors. Running the 975X Express chipset, the Shuttle P2 3700 can support up to 8 GB of RAM and four hard drives. There's even enough space to dual PCI Express graphics cards.