DRAM market to remain strong through 2008, says Inotera's Kau

Inotera Memories president Charles Kao during the ongoing SEMICON Taiwan 2006 show that the DRAM market will remain strong through 2008, with the company going to advance the passage of a budget for a second-stage capacity expansion plan at its soon-to-be completed second 12" fab.

Blackberry 8100 Pearl: Ready for primetime?

Chicago (IL) - Research in Motion's new Blackberry Pearl went on sale yesterday and we were lucky enough to pick up one of the much praised devices at a local T-Mobile store. Read our first impressions during the first hours with the new jewel, which aims to push RIM into the consumer market. Click to start the Blackberry 8100 Pearl video ...

Apple intros sleeker and higher capacity Ipods, adds movies to Itunes

San Francisco (CA) - Steve Jobs' ""Showtime"" event today revealed a range of new Apple products. And even the real surprise, a tradition for the company at such events, was not announced, the executive presented a solid lineup of services an devices. A new 80 GB video Ipod, new Ipod Nanos with up to 8 GB capacity, a new Ipod Shuffle, a TV connector and movies for Itunes.

Dell to roll out first AMD desktops tomorrow

New York (NY) - Dell chairman Michael Dell announced during the firm's "Technology Day," held today in New York, that the company will begin offering AMD-based desktop computers starting this Wednesday.

The pre-N product market: Q&A with Micheal Hurlston, vice president of Broadcom

Although sales of pre-N (pre-802.11n) products in the retail channel were slower than expected in the third quarter of this year, increasing demand for pre-N modules from notebooks and broadband CPE (consumer premises equipment) products in the second half will help increase growth of pre-N products, said Michael Hurlston, vice president and general manager of the home and wireless business unit at Broadcom, in a recent interview with DigiTimes.

Nvidia Goforce powers mobile TV phones

Nvidia announced that its NVIDIA GoForce handheld graphics processing units (GPUs) are utilized in some of the world's first mobile TV production roll outs.

AT&T partners with MobiTV to offer live TV over broadband

AT&T and MobiTV today announced that the two firms will be launching a new Internet service that will allow subscribers to watch live cable programming through a broadband connection. For a monthly fee, users will be able to stream live content from approximately 20 channels, with more content promised in the future.

TG Video: D-Link shows off small two-bay NAS device with big features

Los Angeles (CA) - D-Link has released a small external storage enclosure with some big features. The DNS-323 not only holds two SATA drives, but also includes a built-in FTP server, print server and Gigabit Ethernet. D-Link representatives showed off the enclosure and talked about several other interesting features in the following video.

Microsoft targets earlier ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX ship date

ASP.NET developers won't have to wait until next year to use Microsoft's AJAX server controls and client-side JavaScript library if things go according to plan.

Microsoft unleashes Live Search - a first look

Redmond (WA) - Microsoft released its Live Search engine late Monday in an effort to catch up with market leaders Google and Yahoo. It is Microsoft's most aggressive move against Google yet and shows promising, unique features. But Live.com may not reveal its true potential just yet: Search could become the core tool for a next generation of applications and services.

Virtual Second Life world hit by real hackers

The virtual world of Second Life has been hit with some very real criminals. Linden Lab, the owners of Second Life, has warned players that hackers have illegally accessed a database containing player names and financial information. As a precaution, the company has invalidated all accounts and is requiring players to make new passwords.

Conference in 499 friends with Yahoo's IM

An announcement today from Vapps, a company that provides the technology for free widespread conference calling over the Internet, confirmed that Yahoo's IM will get a group-focused "Messenger With Voice" service.

Memory-Tech and Toshiba develop triple-layer HD DVD / DVD

In a joint project, Memory-Tech and Toshiba today announced that the two firms have developed a one-side, three-layer disc for both DVD and HD DVD formats. The new technology will pave the way to higher capacity hybrid storage on a single disc.

Kyocera rolls out new "Strobe" phone

MetroPCS and Kyocera today announced the availability of the Strobe, Kyocera's newest mobile phone. The candy bar style phone flips open to reveal a second full color screen and keyboard. When folded out, the phone reveals a QWERTY keyboard and resembles a look much like the Sidekick line of phones offered by T-Mobile. The screen is slightly larger than the one on the outside of the phone to simplify the creation or text messages or make playing small games more enjoyable.

LGE accelerates LCD TV plant construction plan

LG Electronics (LGE) recently announced it plans to start producing LCD TVs at its new production line in Wroclaw, Poland in September, about six months earlier than its original schedule.

Samsung announces 40 nm Flash, predicts 20 nm devices

Seoul (Korea) - There's still room left for NAND Flash to scale. According to Samsung, the technology may shrink into 20 nm structures, down from the common 70 and 60 nm today. Samsung also presented the memory it will position to replace NOR Flash: Phase-change Random Access Memory (PRAM) promises a 30x increases in speed and 10 times the life span of flash.

Linksys prepping Wi-Fi Skype phone?

Culver City (CA) - According to information posted on the FCC ID registration website on Thursday, it looks like Linksys could be jumping into the Wi-Fi Skype phone fray. The registration documents for the WIP310 at first appear to be for a phone similar to the SIP-based WIP300 that is already available. But a more careful look at the documents reveals a "Skype-certified" WIP320 model.

Preview: Tom's Hardware benchmarks Intel's first quad-core "Kentsfield"

Culver City (CA) - Intel's first quad-core processor "Kentsfield" has found its way into the Tom's Hardware test lab. Several weeks before Intel will provide evaluation processors to the press, Tom's Hardware was able to obtain a qualification sample: The quad-core was sent through the entire test parcours and showed impressive performance.

Facebook responds to member revolt by instituting new privacy controls

Social networking websites are all about sharing information, but is it possible to share too much? That's the question some Facebook.com members are asking after the website added new features that let members track their friends. More than 700,000 members have voiced the opposition to the new features and some have called them "stalkerish". Facebook now has implemented privacy controls to block user information from other members.

Samsung Telecom accused of hosting malicious code

Samsung Telecommunications America has malicious code on its website that disables antivirus programs, modifies registry keys and logs keystrokes when users attempt to download information from the site.