Adobe ships Photoshop Elements 5.0, Premiere Elements 3.0

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced that the latest installments to the Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements software have been shipped to retailers nationwide.

AMD sends "Multi-Core Processing for Dummies" to IDF

Last week, AMD somewhat surprisingly confirmed that it won't book a hotel room to host press briefings parallel to the Fall Intel Developer Forum, which will open its doors on Tuesday, 26 September. However, AMD couldn't help to completely abandon the tradition of taking advantage of the event and sent out a booklet to tech journalists. Presented as a special edition of a popular tutorial series, we received a "Multicore Processing for Dummies" in our mail. The 32-page booklet, published by Wiley, is accompanied by a note that states:

SDRAM shows buoyant signs amid insufficient supply

The buoyant price trend of SDRAM is likely to persist, thanks to seasonal effects and limited supply from leading players, according to industry players.

Samsung increases DRAM output on 0.11-micron node

Samsung Electronics has increased its DRAM output that is using a 0.11-micron process at its 8" fabs to meet growing demand, as it still has issues at its 80nm node, according to market sources.

Micron samples DDR3 memory

Boise (ID) - Micron is the second major DRAM manufacturer to announce sample shipments of next-generation DDR3 modules and claims to be the first company to ship 1 Gb devices with a capacity of up to 2 GB. DDR3 promises to double the speed of today's DDR2 memory and is expected to become available on high-end desktop computers in late 2007.

Intel installs Wimax on remote Amazon island

Intel will spend $1 billion over the next five years with its World Ahead Program to help close the digital divide between developed and developing nations.

VOX lets mobile phone users bounce calls through Skype

Skype fans can now use their mobile phones to stay connected with their contacts. VoxLib has released its VOX for Skype software which lets people call their Skype buddies and listen to voicemail simply by dialing their SkypeIn account. Almost any phone and carrier will work with VOX because the software is installed on the computer instead of the phone.

Novell prepares real-time SUSE Linux

The fruits of Novell's development agreement with real-time systems specialist Concurrent Computer will be released in October in the form of SUSE Linux Enterprise Real-Time, according to reports.

Vista upgrade coupon to prolong strong notebook sales

Although notebook makers noted that news concerning a Vista launch delay would not affect sales this quarter, Microsoft's Vista free upgrade coupon, due to be available in October, will drive more consumers to purchase a PC in the fourth quarter and PC makers expect the hot season effect to last through the first quarter of 2007.

TomTom to launch 2.8" PND

TomTom, a manufacturer of GPS (global positioning system) navigation products, will launch GPS PNDs (portable navigation devices) with a small-size screen of 2.8" - the first time this screen size has been offered under the TomTom brand - according to OEM makers in Taiwan.

Anydata to offer compact USB EVDO modem

Wireless broadband capability will soon extend beyond today's PC cards that typically limit their use to notebooks that still include such a slot. We recently got a sneak preview of Sierra Wireless' external USB EVDO modem and it appears that Anydata will also be rolling out such a device soon. Anydata received FCC approval for their ADU-E100D modem, paving the way for an introduction in the near future. The device has a footprint slightly larger than a business card and will weigh 124 g (about 4 ounces), including the integrated battery, and connects to a PC via USB 2.0.

Charter rolls out 10 Mb/s cable Internet service

Cable Internet service is usually fast, but apparently not fast enough for Charter Communications: The company is rolling out a 10 Mb/s (downlink, 1 Mb/s up) service. Charter partners with F-Secure to provide anti-virus, anti-spyware and root-kit detection services. Customers will also receive personal firewall software.

Live Search coming to Nokia phones

Espoo (Finland) - Nokia has struck a deal with Microsoft to embed a mobile version of its Live Search into select Nokia phones. The service will allow users to search for specific items such as stock prices and loval movie show times from their cellphone. Predominantly available for the Nokia N-series of multimedia smartphone handsets, Live Search will complement the existing Mobile Search platform that comes pre-installed on Nokia's high-end phones. Live Search will also be available on select models on Nokia's line of series 60 phones.

ATI supports Crossfire dual-graphics on Intel 965 motherboards

ATI released a new version of its Catalyst graphics driver. Besides the usual game performance improvements, ATI claims that the 6.9 package adds dual-graphics support to motherboards based on Intel's 965 chipset for Core 2 Duo processors.

Intel Pentium D 935 and Core 2 Duo E4300 to debut in January 2007

Intel plans to introduce the Pentium D 935 and Core 2 Duo E4300 desktop CPUs, priced at $133 and $163 respectively, in January 2007, motherboard makers have revealed.

Epson develops world's slimmest e-paper

Seiko Epson has developed the world's slimmest electronic paper (e-paper), according to the Japanese-language Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

Ramtron extends its serial memory portfolio with new 512 kb FRAM

Ramtron International, a developer and supplier of nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) and integrated semiconductor products, has expanded its portfolio of serial memory products with the launch of the FM24C512, a half-megabit nonvolatile FRAM product with an industry standard 2-wire serial interface.

Nokia unveils 6288 3G slide phone

Further strengthening its portfolio of 3G devices, Nokia on Wednesday unveiled the Nokia 6288, a 3G slide phone that features a video playback capability.

Cray, Sun, IBM support AMD's Torrenza platform

AMD today announced a first wave of companies that are "evaluating" the firm's "Torrenza" platform. According to AMD, Cray, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, IBM and Sun Microsystems "have endorsed Torrenza as an open innovation initiative" and are currently "evaluating" the AMD technology.

Dell laptop catches fire at Yahoo research building

Santa Clara (CA) - In what has become an almost daily occurrence, another Dell laptop has caught on fire, this time at Yahoo's Silicon Valley research center in Santa Clara. The fire caused several hundred employees to stream out of the office tower, but fortunately no one was injured. Employees returned to work approximately 45 minutes later.