Maxtor hard drives get Seagate genes

Seagate today introduced new hard drives under the recently acquired Maxtor brand. The desktop series has been "refreshed" and there is a new Maxtor mobile hard drive - both now carry the core technology of other Seagate drives, but will not offer the same capacities of their more premium sister models.

Samson unveils Podcast studio for your pocket

Ontario (CA) - Samson, makers of professional audio gear, has released the Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder, which promises to capture professional sounding audio to SD cards. The H4 has two condenser microphones that are mounted for stereo sound capture. Samson representatives told us the integrated microphones can sweep a room and record true stereo sound without any channel dropouts.

Nvidia to launch DirectX 10 chip in mid-November

Nvidia is expected to announce the world's first DirectX 10-compliant graphics chip, the GeForce 8800 (codenamed G80), in the middle of November, graphics card makers revealed.

Lite-On IT to start volume production of Blu-ray disc burner

Lite-On IT, the largest maker of optical disc drives in Taiwan, recently unveiled a Blu-ray Disc (BD) burner.

Toshiba unveils slim HD DVD write drive for notebooks

Toshiba on October 2 unveiled a slim HD DVD drive for notebooks, the SD-L902A, that can read and write to HD DVD, standard DVD and CD discs with sample shipments of the new drive scheduled to start by year-end.

IBM, Infineon, Chartered and Samsung tape out 45nm chips

The collaboration between IBM, Infineon Technologies, Chartered Semiconductor and Samsung Electronics on 45nm production process has progressed, with the first tape out proceeding at IBM's 12" fab, and other members of the alliance stating they are on schedule to introduce their own production by end of 2006, according to officials from the companies at a recent Chartered technology forum in Santa Clara.

HTC to ship Ipaq rx5915 to HP in October

High Tech Computer (HTC) is expected to begin volume shipments of the Ipaq rx5915 GPS-enabled PDA to Hewlett-Packard (HP) this month, according to market sources.

Captain Obvious to the rescue - CPSC releases tips on how to avoid laptop fires

With all the laptops going up in flames recently, the United States government, specifically the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is given some helpful tips on how to prevent such a catastrophe. While some of the tips are indeed useful, many of the others are painfully obvious and leave us scratching our heads.

Sony Reader is a work in progress

Electronic Jane on the left, paper Jane on the right. Holding a paperback version of Pride and Prejudice next to the Sony Reader's prerelease e-book version is a study in similarities and contrasts.

GPUs to increase Folding@Home processing power up to 500x

Palo Alto (CA) - Stanford University's Folding@Home project today announced a new software that will enable the use of graphics cards within the distributed computing project. Project leaders will tap into the floating point horsepower of graphics chips and hope to see a massive jump in processing power that can lead to more research results in less time.

Fossil and Sony Ericsson to roll out Caller ID watches

Too lazy or embarrassed to pick up your cell phone to see who is calling? Soon you'll be able to simply glance at your watch for Caller ID information with Fossil and Sony Ericsson's new line of watches. The watch receives the Caller ID information via a Bluetooth link with the owner's mobile phone and then displays the number under a set of traditional hour and minutes hand.

Dell recalls another 100,000 notebook batteries

Round Rock (TX) - Dell today announced that they have updated the number of battery packs in their notebook computers that were affected by the recall of Sony batteries. According to Dell, the number has been increased from 4.1 million to 4.2 million. Dude, your Dell just exploded...

Mobile ESPN to shut down

ESPN today announced that its cell phone service, Mobile ESPN, will suspend its operations effective 31 December, 2006. The service, which was only available to a handful of specific handsets, will be repackaged as a licensed service to Sprint PCS customers.

Lenovo, IBM recall 526,000 Thinkpad batteries

Washington D.C. - Lenovo, IBM and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission today issued a recall for 526,000 Sony batteries in Thinkpad notebook computers. The recall comes after reports that a Lenovo system had caught fire at the Los Angeles LAX International Airport. The latest recall brings the tally to more than 6.4 million Sony batteries that are being recalled due to a fire hazard.

Microsoft releases beta of Forefront for Share Point

Microsoft today announced the first public beta of Forefront Security for Office Share Point Server 2007 and Windows Share Point Services 3.0. Microsoft today announced the first public beta of Forefront Security for Office Share Point Server 2007 and Windows Share Point Services 3.0. The Forefront software is based on "Antigen" for Share Point Server, a security solution acquired by Microsoft as part of the acquisition of Sybari Software in 2005.

Microsoft's Zune to hit retail on 14 November for $250

Redmond (WA) - Microsoft today announced the official launch its Zune media player. The device will go head-to-head with Apple's video Ipod starting on 14 November and will sell for a lower than expected retail price of $250. See the Microsoft Zune in detail here ...

Intel schedules Yorkfield launch for Q3 07

Intel plans to launch its second-generation quad-core processors - the Yorkfield series - as replacement parts for the upcoming Core 2 Quad (codenamed Kentsfield) CPUs in the third quarter of 2007, motherboard makers familiar with Intel's latest roadmap revealed.

Asustek shows notebook with "second display" design

At the ongoing Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, Asustek Computer is showcasing a notebook that comes with a small screen on the cover.

Intel ships 40 million 65 nm processors

During the ongoing Intel Developer Forum (IDF), Intel CEO Paul Otellini pointed out that Intel has shipped over 40 million 65nm-made CPUs while its competitors have shipped none, and he then noted that Intel's first 45nm CPU will be released in the fourth quarter of 2006.

Need ID theft insurance? Pick up a copy of CA's Security Suite.

Islandia (NY) - CA is pushing more aggressively into the consumer security software space. The company puts a new spin on providing users a piece of mind by including free ID theft and antivirus protection insurance with its latest software package. And you don't have to lose your ID online to be covered by the $5000 policy.