Network Streaming updates remote support appliance

Network Streaming recently introduced an updated version of its "Support Desk" remote support appliance.

Microsoft opens up Virtual Hard Disk specification

Virtualization software, the kind that lets you run multiple operating systems at the same time, is getting a big boost from Microsoft. The company is allowing developers to use its Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) specification for free and without any licenses. The terms are quite simple with Microsoft saying, "The specification(s) could be used for free, easily, now and forever."

Apple iPods now come with viruses

Cupertino (CA) - It was bound to happen sooner or later, Apple is warning that some of its new iPods are infected with a Windows virus. Apple says that a "small number" of video iPods, produced after September 12th 2006, were infected with the RavMonE.exe virus. The company has received fewer than 25 reports of infected iPods.

Intel to tape out first 45 nm processor by year-end

Santa Clara (CA) - Despite a quarter result that did not quite show the strength of the traditional Intel, the processor manufacturer apparently is on its way up again. During a conference call, chief executive officer Paul Otellini back up the claim of the promised massive launch of its recently introduced Core micro architecture.

Mozilla releases Firefox 2 RC3

As the introduction of the next generation version of Mozilla's Firefox Web browser continues to draw closer, the organization today announced a new release candidate of Firefox 2.

Yellow Dog Linux to run on PS3

Loveland (CO) - Terra Soft Solutions, a Linux company specializing in Apple Macintosh and IBM Linux distributions, has announced a distribution for upcoming Sony PlayStation 3. Yellow Dog Linux version 5.0 is being developed with the permission of Sony and will include the 2.6.16 kernel, compilers and OpenOffice 2.0.1. Terra Soft also promises a one-click installer.

ATI releases new mainstream card into the gaming arena

Markham (ON) - ATI today heated up the battle in the midrange of the graphics field, offering a new contender for Nvidia 7900 GS graphics cards. The manufacturer claims that the new Radeon X1950 Pro will offer 10 to 35% more more gaming performance than its its competitor and - for the first time- includes native Crossfire support by default.

ASRock announces motherboard with Vista Premium logo

ASRock recently announced that its ConRoeXFire-eSATA2 motherboard officially received the Windows Vista Premium logo, which makes it among the first Vista Premium motherboards in the world.

NEC shows 2800x2100 pixel LCD

NEC LCD Technologies today announced the development of a new monochrome, 21.3" a-Si (amorphous silicon) TFT LCD module (LCM), claiming the panel has the industry's highest resolution, according to the company.

Sony recalls own laptop batteries

Chicago (IL) - Sony announced today that it is recalling batteries from its own Vaio notebook computers in Japan and China, adding to the seemingly never-ending list of computer manufacturers affected by a massive recall of Sony brand laptop batteries. An exploded Dell: The beginning of the Sony battery recall disaster...

Samsung's solid state flash disk gets Vista certification

Samsung today said that it has received a certification for its flash-based solid state disk drives (SSDs) from Microsoft's Windows Hardware Qualification Lab (WHQL). The company will offer the drives as a 32 GB 2.5" form factor version as well as slim-type devices with capacities of 16 and 32 GB.

New Plextor drive "obliterates" data on CDs/DVDs with laser blasts

Plextor has announced a new drive that erases CDs and DVDs by blasting them with laser light. The PlexEraser PX-OE100E "obliterates" the data layer on almost every format of recordable CD and DVD and can even handle dual-layer discs. Each disc takes about three minutes to erase and the drive then marks the disc to show it has been processed.

Lenovo offers biometrically protected hard drives

Lenovo is partnering with Utimaco to offer new ThinkPad notebooks with biometrically secured hard drives. Utimaco has integrated their SafeGuard Easy 4.3 program which will encrypt all the entire hard drive with a fingerprint swipe on select ThinkPad notebooks.

Intel quad-cores expected to arrive on 13 November

Intel is expected to introduce its first quad-core processors on 13 November. According to an invitation sent to media, Hewlett-Packard and Intel will be hosting a "Quad Fest" that day to share news about "workstation technology solutions including the business behind quad-core technology."

Kyocera intros 8.5" widescreen display

Kyocera today announced a compact mass-market LCD, which the company is aiming at industrial applications.

Freescale intros dual-core Flexray controllers

Freescale today announced a series of 32-bit, dual-core microcontrollers for use in automotive applications. The company said that the new devices are targeted at enhancing the performance, power efficiency and flexibility of automotive body electronics.

Panasonic intros new Toughbook notebooks

Seacaucus (NJ) - Panasonic today announced new additions to its Toughbook series of notebook computers, the company's line of durable, rugged laptops. Soon to be available, the CF-19 tablet PC and CF-30 clamshell notebook contain the latest technology in battery life, wireless connectivity, and screen display, according to Panasonic.

Darth Vader meets television - Toshiba's Head Mounted Display

Toshiba is developing a new head mounted display system that gives a 360-degree view on a domed 40-centimeter large screen. A photo of this large television-shaped helmet appears in the UK-based paper The Daily Mail. Not much is known about the display because all we see is a model, presumably female because you really can't tell, watching a screen full of clouds.

Pure Digital camcorder shoots video to the Internet in one-click

Consumers will soon be able to easily upload their camcorder videos with a new "Point and Shoot" camcorder from Pure Digital. The inexpensive recorder can record up to 60 minutes of video and then upload it to either Google Video or Sony's Grouper service with one click.

Kingston to continue evaluating PCBs with embedded resistors

Long-time DRAM-module market leader Kingston Technology will continue evaluating the possibility of using PCBs (printed circuit boards) with embedded resistors in its DRAM-module product lines.