D-Link offers power line home network kit

D-Link, the company best known for its home networking products, today announced the availability of a new device, the "Power Line Network Kit", which allows consumers to expand an existing home network through existing electrical wiring.

Sonic Wall intros 3G wireless network security appliance

Sonic Wall yesterday introduced the Sonic Wall TZ 190, a network security appliance for 3G wireless broadband connections.

Apple accelerates Macbook Pro with Core 2 Duo CPUs

Cupertino (CA) - Apple has upgraded its premium notebooks with Intel's latest dual-core processors. The company promises that the new CPUs will speed up the Macbook Pro by up to 39%. As in previous system versions, Apple limits processor choices and in the most recent case, to Intel's fastest chips. The Macbook Pro now comes standard with a T7400, 2.13 GHz CPU, which integrates 4 MB of L2 cache. The 2 MB T5600 (1.83 GHz) and T5400 (1.66 GHz) as well as the T7200 (2.0 GHz, 4 MB) are not offered for the Macbook Pro.

Wiquest wireless USB adapter earns FCC certification

Fabless UWB semiconductor company Wiquest Communications today announced that its wireless USB external adapter reference design has been approved by the FCC.

AOpen XC Cube system provide 64-bit processing

Small form factor (SFF) system supplier AOpen has announced the XC Cube EZ945 as a new member to its XC Cube series.

Firefox 2.0 hits the Web

Chicago (IL) - Following on the heels of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla has released version 2.0 of its web browser. The software was released unofficially on Monday, a few days short of the browser's second birthday and a download count that is closing in on 250 million.

Gateway recalls 35,000 Sony batteries

Gateway issued a "voluntary" recall of about 35,000 batteries included with notebooks that were shipped through the firm's direct, professional and retail channels. According to the company, the batteries affected were built by Sony and can overheat and create a "potential" fire hazard.

A $600 Turion 64 notebook from the grocery store

Aldi, a retail chain that is specialized on low-priced and basic household needs, will be offering a notebook in the U.S, beginning next week.

New SanDisk flash drives to offer token-based authentication

SanDisk has introduced a new token-based authentication system for select USB flash drives. The "TrustedSignins" system will use two-factor authentication to create one-time passwords for secure online transactions. The passwords are created after the user plugs in the USB flash drive and types in a user name and password.

Dell introduces AMD-based 2P, 4P servers

Dell today rolled out its first servers based on AMD's Opteron processors. The rack server Power Edge 6950 and the blade server Power Edge SC1435 promise more performance and power efficiency than Intel's Irwindale and Tulsa processors, which are based on the firm's aging Netburst architecture.

Crucial spices up Ballistix gamer memory

Crucial has updated its Ballistix and Ballistics Tracer memory modules.

UPDATE: Eeye rolls out free PC security solution

Eeye Digital Security today announced a free version of its Blink computer security software for personal use. The application gives users protection against identity theft, worms, trojans, and other possible hacks, in an "unobtrusive, integrated and deeply-layered" agent, the first of its kind to be offered for free, said Eeye.

Intel demos Tigerton

Intel is sticking with its roadmap for the quadcore Tigerton and demonstrated a server running four of the little blighters on Friday, according to reports.

U.S. media manufacturers support HD DVD as next-gen media format

The American Independent Media Manufacturers Association (AIMMA) has voted to support HD DVD as the next-generation blue-laser format at an October 10 general meeting, according to a press release issued by the organization, but Taiwan pre-recorded optical disc makers still see Hollywood studios as being the key decision makers in terms of adoption of next-generation DVD standards.

L International announces quad-core 24 hour laptop

Your dual-core notebook may soon be obsolete because one company is working on a quad-core laptop that could last 24 hours on a single charge. L International has announced that it is building a fuel-cell powered laptop that runs on either hydrogen or methanol. The laptops will also have a touch-sensitive OLED screen which can operate as a "virtual keyboard".

Microsoft blames IE7 vulnerability on Outlook Express

Redmond (WA) - Microsoft is blaming a recently reported Internet Explorer 7 vulnerability on Outlook Express. Internet Explorer 7 was released a few days ago, but it took less than 24 hours for Secunia, a security research company, to announce a vulnerability. The vulnerability could allow hackers to gain confidential information by redirecting web traffic to other sites.

Sony delays set-top Blu-ray player again

Tokyo (Japan) - Sony has once again delayed their BDP-S1 standalone Blu-Ray disc player. The player is now expected to ship on December 4th, 2006 for $1000. Originally announced back in March for a July release, Sony has repeatedly pushed the release to August, October and now December.

Winzip unzips public beta for version 11.0

Corel's Winzip division today announced that it has launched the beta version of Winzip 11.0, which is now available for public testing. New features for the latest version include increased file support, improved WAV compression, read-support for RAR and the ability to preview images in ZIP files.

Microsoft releases ASP.NET AJAX 1.0

Microsoft today announced the official Beta release of its ASP.NET AJAX v1.0 development framework. Integrated with ASP.NET 2.0, the final version of AJAX is set to be released later this year.

Samsung develops first 50nm DRAM chip

Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed the world's first 50nm DDR2 dynamic random access memory chip (DRAM). According to Samsung, the chips use a new three-dimensional transistor design which helps the chip retain memory better and increases production yields by 55 percent.