Cingular debuts mobile music service

Becoming the latest wireless service provider to enter the digital music arena, Cingular today launched a mobile music service that it claims offers better features than its competitors.

Internet grows to over 100 million websites

According to Internet monitoring firm Netcraft, the Internet has blossomed to more than 100 million websites this month. According to the report, new online stores and the explosion of blogs helped to reach the new milestone so quickly.

Sony to bring out world's lightest notebook computer

According to a Reuters story, Sony has announced plans to introduce what it's calling the world's lightest notebook computer to Japanese consumers some time in December, in an attempt to bring back some positive attention to Sony after the huge notebook battery recall disaster that continues to have an impact on the company.

Panasonic eliminates lead in plasma TVs

Today, Panasonic announced that for all of the new Plasma Display Panels (PDPs) released in 2006, none of them contained lead oxide, claiming it has become the world's first company to achieve such a milestone. The electronics manufacturer says that with the elimination of lead, the displays don't weigh as much, and are more environmentally friendly, without compromising picture quality.

Business Vista, Office slated for November 30

Barely meeting the announced November release date for the business versions of Office 2007 and the operating system Windows Vista, Microsoft has confirmed that the two software products will be released on 30 November.

Lite-On IT said to ship 18x LightScribe DVD burners to HP in November

While Lite-On IT is expected to start shipping 18x DVD burners to Hewlett-Packard (HP) this month, the growing tension in competition between Lite-On IT, Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) and Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) facilitated OEM prices to further drop, according to sources at Taiwan-based optical disk drive (ODD) makers.

Intel 'Kentsfield' quad-core benchmarks to flood the Net

Culver City (CA) - You can expect a flood of benchmarks for Intel's quad-core 'Kentsfield' processor to hit the Internet in the next day. Intel's latest chip is officially called the Core 2 Extreme QX6700 and is an enthusiast chip aimed at high-end gamers, graphical artists and others who run multi-threaded applications. Early benchmarks from Tom's Hardware Guide show the chip easily beating previous generation Core 2 Duo processors in some benchmarks, but the new chip is only marginally better in other tests.

AMD Inside: Dell starts selling AMD-powered laptops

Dell, long known for their Intel-powered laptops, is now selling laptops with AMD chips inside. The new Inspiron 1501 line of laptops will have either AMD Turion 64 or the less powerful Mobile AMD Sempron processors. An integrated ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 graphics chip will power the laptop's 15.4" screen.

Samsung paves way to flash chips with 16 GB capacity

Flash memory continues to expand its memory capacity on a fast pace. Samsung said that it has developed a way to mass-produce a multi-chip flash package that could soon bring compact 16 GB devices for a variety of portable products, including MP3 players and cellphones.

Hitachi pushes 250 GB hybrid laptop hard drives for next year

Hitachi will be rolling out several high-capacity laptop drives next year and one will reach 250GB. The 2.5" hard drives will be based on perpendicular technology where the magnetic bits are aligned side-by-side, standing up instead of lengthwise. The drives will also have integrated flash memory along with hardware encryption.

Quanta schedules mass production for $100 laptop for Q2 2007

Quanta Computer confirmed that sample production and test runs for the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) have already kicked off this quarter, and the company expects mass production to commence in the second quarter of 2007.

Sony's new laptops cash in on upcoming James Bond movie

Not everyone can be James Bond, but at least you can buy his laptop. Sony is offering a new line of James Bond 007-branded Vaio TX and Vaio UX laptop packages. Along with a laptop, Sony is through in a Cyber-shot digital camera, display privacy filter and aluminum attaché case.

Third quarter chip inventories remain high

Semiconductor inventories remained high in the third quarter, according to market firm iSuppli. Inventories for global electronic companies, including AMD and Intel, are hovering at $3.9 billion dollars and could linger on until after the holiday season.

Microsoft Office Live goes live November 15

Adding to its expansive line of products sporting the Office name, Microsoft today announced that it will launch Office Live, a robust Web hosting service, on 15 November. The service will be available in both a free, ad-supported version as well as a premium, fee-based package.

New Catalyst driver accelerates Intel 965 Crossfire configurations

ATI today released version 6.10 of its Catalyst driver package for Radeon graphics cards. The company claims that the tenth installment of this year has received Crossfire D3D driver improvements and got better at handling large vertex meshes. According to ATI, the changes will result in a 6.7 - 15.8% gain in 3DMark2006 scores, 9.7-10.5% in 3DMark2005 and up to 7.1% in 3DMark2003.

New Windows exploit could disable firewall

Redmond (WA) - Security researchers have discovered a new Windows flaw that could allow hackers to crash the built-in firewall. By sending malformed DNS packets to vulnerable machines, hackers could disable and eventually bypass the operating system firewall. So far only Windows XP computers with the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service turned on are affected by the attack.

Microsoft shows off retail packaging for Vista, Office 07

Retail packaging has never been anything special for previous versions of Microsoft's market-dominating operating system and business application suites of software, but Microsoft is changing that convention with the packaging for Office 2007 and its Vista operating system.

New Ipod shuffling to stores on Friday

Apple today anounced that the new version of its Ipod shuffle, which it is calling the "most wearable Ipod ever", will be available in stores throughout the country this Friday, 3 November.

Tul unveils PowerColor X1650 XT in PCIe and AGP

Tul, a Taiwan-based graphics card supplier, has announced the PowerColor X1650 XT, its second graphics card to include a chipset manufactured at 80nm process and to feature the new CrossFire Bridge Interconnect.

Sharp introduces 12.1" SVGA transflective display

Sharp Microelectronics has introduced a new 12.1" TFT LCD for outdoor and bright ambient applications in transportation, industrial, retail, medical and other markets.