Dell announces multi-function color laser printer

Dell will begin shipping its first multi-fuction color laser printer on Tuesday.

AMD's PIC canned as OLPC production begins

AMD announced in its third quarter SEC filing that it has ceased the manufacture of their Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) product for emerging markets due to lack of material revenue.

SMBs to get Office 2007 on Nov 30 at CompUSA

Small business owners will be able to pick up a box of Vista Business and Office Small Business 2007 at certain CompuUSA stores beginning on November 30.

AMD's Opteron shows muscles in supercomputer list

The 28th list of the world's 500 most power supercomputers was published one day ahead of the official opening of the SC06 supercomputing conference. The top-10 of the list saw major changes, partially due to three new AMD Opteron systems, which are ranked in Position 2, 9 and 10. Extra: Image gallery

Nvidia vs. The World - opinion

Nvidia's latest financial results have proven that the company does not need to buy into the merger talk that followed AMD's purchase of its major rival, ATI, recently.

Vista RTM downloads on Bittorrent

It hasn't even been out of the nest a full week yet, but already those nefarious software pirates who drive prices up for everyone else have taken the little birdie known as Windows Vista and begun passing it around the interwebs like a hot potato.

NEC develops new 3.5" LCD module

NEC LCD Technologies announced the successful development of a 3.5", quarter high definition (QHD) system-on-glass (SOG) LCD module (LCM) for mobile devices.

Microsoft's Jim Allchin stresses that Vista users will need anti-virus

Palm gets FCC approval for Treo 680, 750 smartphones

Chicago (IL) - Documents recently published on the website of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) indicate that the introduction of a pair of new Palm Treo smartphones may only be a few weeks away.

Microsoft ships new malware hunting utility

On the heels of its July 2006 acquisition of Mark Russinovich's Winternals Software, Microsoft has replaced the popular Regmon and Filemon utilities with a single tool offering advanced capabilities for real-time monitoring of registry and process thread activity.

Exchange 2007 to RTM in December

Exchange Server 2007 will be released to manufacturing in December and be available to customers within a number of days after that, Microsoft officials have confirmed.

Kentsfield quad-core processors to sell for less than $1200

Chicago (IL) - While Intel reportedly is gearing for a launch of its quad-core processors on Monday next week, a wide range of etailers has begun pre-selling or even selling the Core 2 Extreme QX6700 processor. A 1000-unit price of $1000 and a very limited availability indicated a scenario of potentially inflated etail pricing of the CPU, but at least the initial list of retailers will sell the processor for about the same price as a dual-core Core 2 Extreme X6800.

IBM announces quad-core servers, supercomputer cluster

Armonk (NY) - IBM will offer its System x servers with Intel's upcoming Xeon 5300 quad-core processors, which are expected to be announced early Monday next week. The company claims that the new x models will deliver "three to four times performance of systems that IBM offered less than twelve months ago."

AMD previews 4x4 platform

Munich (Germany) - AMD chose to reveal first official details about its 4x4, dual-socket processor platform at a PR event in Munich. 4x4 apparently is still on track for a November release, while AMD's U.S. representatives aren't ready yet to talk about the firm's answer to Intel's quad-core CPU. AMD confirmed at the event that 4x4 will be introduced with an Nvidia chipset and prices around $1000.

Gateway announces 24" 1080p desktop LCD

Gateway has added two new desktop LCDs to its monitor lineup. A 22" and a 24" complement the already existing 19" and 21" models and also integrate HDCP functionality that allows users to watch movies from HD DVD or Blu-ray media.

Google denies YouTube legal slushfund

Google CEO Eric Schmidt denied Internet rumors that the company has put $500 million away in a legal slushfund. The fund was supposedly to fend off piracy and copyright claims from movie and other media companies over unauthorized videos on YouTube.

Velocity Micro dives into holiday season with Vector GX PC

Semi-Custom PC builder Velocity Micro introduced today the Vector GX Holiday Edition computer, and as the name suggests, becomes the company's frontrunner for spiking holiday sales.

Google became unwitting mediary for Kama Sutra worm, affected 50,000

Due to posts on Google's official Google Video blog group that contained a link to a computer worm, the Internet search giant is now apologizing, with reports that some 50,000 viewers and subscribers to the group were potentially affected.

"Ego" luxury notebook coming to the U.S.

If you are driving a Lexus instead of a Toyota, or perhaps a Bentley instead of a Mercedes, a Dutch company may just have what you need to replace a dull notebook. The company, known for selling the world's most expensive jewelry notebooks, is bringing its least expensive "Tulip Ego" to the U.S.

Boost Mobile intros pay-as-you-go MP3 phone

As an alternative to other famous music phones that require service contracts, like Sprint's Fusic and Verizon's Chocolate, Boost Mobile today announced its latest handset from Motorola, the i885. It contains several of the features seen in the mid-end range from the major carriers, but without the need to commit to a multi-year service agreement.