XFX releases 630 MHz, triple-x Geforce 8800 graphics card

Graphics card vendor XFX today announced its first two overclocked add-in cards.

Boeing fires employee whose laptop was stolen

Boeing, the giant aerospace company, has fired an employee who had a very important laptop stolen. The computer contained the personal information of approximately 400,000 current and retired company employees. The data had been downloaded from company servers and was not encrypted.

Yahoo fixes critical Messenger flaw

Yahoo has issued a patch for a vulnerability in Yahoo! Messenger that could allow attackers to crash chat sessions and execute code. The vulnerability was rated as "Highly Critical" by the Secunia security website and involved an ActiveX module inside of the popular chat program.

Microsoft updates Vista in latest piracy crackdown

Microsoft released an update to Windows Vista that will shut down unauthorized versions of the OS that allow users to skip the product's activation system.

Adobe to roll out Photoshop CS3 beta

Adobe has announced that it will be releasing a beta version of their upcoming Photoshop CS3 tomorrow. The program will be available for both Mac and Windows computers and should be available in the morning on the Adobe Labs website.

How low can prices go: 2 GB Compact Flash for $47 at Costco

Digital camera fanatics will like this deal that we spied at our local Costco. The warehouse chain is now selling SanDisk Ultra II 2 GB Compact Flash cards for $48. The actual price is about $80, but you get an instant rebate of $32 at the register.

Crucial Technology finally gets into the microSD market

Crucial Technology has begun selling 512 MB and 1 GB microSD memory card. The cards are tinier cousins of the familiar SD card and are mainly used in cellular phones. The cards include an adapter that let users pop the card into a normal SD card slot.

More than 1.25 million people sign up for DSL each week

A new study shows that worldwide 1.25 million people are signing up for DSL every week and that the total number of subscribers has hit 173 million. The study also shows that there are more than 263 million broadband customers which include cable, fiber to home and other technologies.

Toshiba, Sony, NEC develop 45 nm production platform

San Francisco (CA) - Toshiba, Sony and NEC announced that the companies have completed the development of a mass-production platform for 45 nm LSI devices.

Mozilla rolls out Thunderbird 2.0 beta

Mozilla has rolled out a beta version of its upcoming Thunderbird 2.0 email program. The free client is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms and includes cosmetic enhancements along with keyword tagging of emails. Color-code keywords can now be added to emails which can then be sorted into virtual folders.

Google opens patent search

Google's latest member in its massive collection of search tools lets users forage through US patents, as the search giant launched the beta version of Google Patent Search late yesterday.

Dell and Intel rebound in workstation market, says Jon Peddie Research

Despite their dominance, workstation industry leaders Dell and Intel were in a tailspin 12 months ago, both steadily losing ground to their respective rivals Hewlett Packard (HP) and AMD, according to Jon Peddie Research (JPR).

Skype 3.0 officially released

Skype has officially released version 3.0 of its popular Internet chat program. Skype is now available for download and includes several new features. The program now plugs into Internet Explorer and users can make Skype calls to regular phone numbers with one click. Skype has also added a Skypecast feature where users can participate in moderated chats with up to a hundred people.

AMD releases Catalyst 6.12 graphics chip driver

AMD's graphics division (formerly ATI) today released what will most likely be the last graphics driver update for this year. Catalyst 6.12 brings DirectX video acceleration for Crossfire configurations as it main update.

Microsoft patches almost a dozen vulnerabilities

Microsoft has released a flurry of security updates to fix several critical vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Adobe Flash Player. Exploit code for some of the vulnerabilities had already been released to the Internet. The code could have crashed or allowed hackers to take control of vulnerable computers.

Quad-core Xeon E5335 makes early debut

Media reports are in that Intel is ready to release a new quad-core processor, marking yet another new product for Intel this year. The Xeon E5335, which was originally scheduled for a February 2007 release, takes its position as the fifth quad-core processor since Intel first released the Kentsfield/Clovertown cores earlier this autumn.

Microsoft sets up common robotics development platform

While all eyes are on Microsoft for the upcoming Vista and Office 07 product launches, the software giant today made another announcement aimed at a completely new audience - robotics engineers. Microsoft Robotics Studios was released yesterday, which gives developers a universal platform for robotic programming.

Samsung OneDRAM: High-end memory hits cellphones

Samsung today announced a new high-performance memory that promises to boost the performance of high-end smartphones.

Dell expands recycling worldwide

Dell has expanded its recycling efforts worldwide and now offers free recycling of its products in Asia, Brazil, and Mexico. Customers will be able to either recycle or donate old computers to support local non-profit organizations. According to Dell, it is the first computer make to have such a far-reaching program.

Google open sources Web Toolkit

Google is open sourcing the same software that helped to produce popular sites like Google Maps and Gmail. The company has released the Google Web Toolkit under the Apache 2.0 open source license. Independent developers can now use the toolkit to make and debug their own Java applications.