Taiwan earthquake disrupts Asian Internet access

Two powerful earthquakes are to blame for ruptures of undersea cables off the coast of Taiwan, causing disrupted Internet access for much of East Asia, with online service being unavailable for up to three weeks in the hardest hit areas.

Windows Vista security flaw uncovered

Redmond (WA) - Even though it has not yet been released to consumers, a security flaw has been spotted in the Windows Vista operating system, which the Associated Press is calling the first one to plague Microsoft's next-generation platform. Click through the Windows Vista RTM gallery ...

Apple fixes iPod Shuffle glitch, again

Apple has recently updated a utility for the original iPod Shuffle that fixes the incompatibility between the player and the new version of iTunes. However, the company remains quiet about the entire issue, after experiencing a similar problem just two months ago with iTunes 6.

Nvidia G84 shapes up

The G84 IS Nvidia's DirectX 10 entry-level card.

Canon warns of overheating cameras

Canon issued a safety advisory today for its PowerShot A530 and A540 digicams.

Cellphone tells the world what mode you're in

Sneaking off work early for Friday afternoon drinks will soon be made easier by a mobile phone system that will tell your boss you're still at work while letting your friends know you're on your way.

Microsoft plans showy consumer intro for Vista, Office software

Microsoft is heading back to New York City to blow the lid off Windows Vista and Office 2007 again.

Santa Claus' website hacked

Santa Claus reached out for a little help from Stopbadware.org this week.

Nokia gets FCC approval for new flagship N93i cellphone

Nokia today received approval for its upcoming N93i cellphone, which will be an update for the existing N93 model.

Microsoft starts handing out SUSE Linux subscriptions

In the seven weeks since Microsoft and Novell announced their controversial interoperability and patent protection agreement, Redmond has handed out some 16,000 subscription certificates for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Avid rolls out Softimage XSI 6

Avid today released a new version of its 3D animation and character creation software Softimage.

Korean mobile phone makers ship ultra-cheap sets to India

More affordable mobile phones are heading to India and other poorer countries, thanks to two Korean cell phone makers. ROSE Telecom and Kedcom have announced that they are shipping 100,000 phones for just $30 each to India's Reliance Infocomm.

Lie detector for Skype watches over voice communications

Software company Kishkish offers a small add-on for the Skype instant messenger that promises users who are paranoid about the trustworthiness of the people they are talking to. The "Lie Detector" analyzes stress levels in voices and promises to expose, if a conversation partner is honest - or not.

Opera to browse on Samsung cellphones

Opera, the rising star in the world of specialized Internet browsers, today announced that it has scored a contract with cellphone unit of Samsung to include the mobile browser in its future set of 3G phones.

Samsung develops 1/4" 3-megapixel CMOS image sensor for ultra slim camera phones

Samsung Electronics has announced its 3-megapixel CMOS image sensor (CIS) with a 1/4" lens aperture for ultra slim camera phones.

Axis adds megapixel day/night netcam

Axis Communications today announced the company's first two-megapixel network camera designed for professional security and surveillance applications. The AXIS 223M Network Camera provides high image detail in day or night lighting conditions.

Almost 8% of U.S. households now using VoIP - Market Research

In-Stat, a technology market research firm, says almost 8% of U.S. households are using Voice Over IP (VoIP). Leading the pack in VoIP services is Skype with 2.1 million households, followed closely by Vonage and Time Warner Cable with 1.7 and 1.6 million respectively.

EA brings Sudoku, Royal Solitaire to iPod

Electronic Arts today announced a pair of new games available on iTunes, which can be transferred to a fifth-generation iPod. Owners of the newest line of Apple's digital media player can now put Sudoku and Royal Solitaire on their iPod.

Analyst Opinion: Apple is not real

You had to have your web browser on speed dial to keep up with Apple news in the past week: Contradicting and quite controversial reports made headlines, surprising with crashing iTunes sales and alleging that Apple owners are 55 years old, on average. Apple saw little need to refute any of the claims and there is a simple reason: Apple does not care - and doesn't have to.

Intellon raises $18 Million in financing

Leading HomePlug chipmaker Intellon Corporation yesterday announced it has raised $18 million in new equity financing.