Intel preps five 45 nm dual- and quad-core processors

Intel shows off its tech horsepower, revealing more details about its upcoming 45 nm CPU generation: Penryn, a processor core that will replace the current 65 nm Core 2 processors, uses a new transistor technology to boost performance and reduce power consumption. The Penryn quad-core will carry a stunning 820 million transistors.

Google to expand book search and download

Electronic books or E-books could take off if Google has its way. According to the Times Online, the Sunnyvale-based search engine giant will expand its Google Book Search to include more books along with downloadable content to mobile devices.

Microsoft already looking for Vista SP1 guinea pigs

Even though the launch of Microsoft's Vista is a little more than a week away, the company is looking for brave testers for Service Pack 1. Microsoft's Technology Adoption Program (TAP) is a limited program that will give early access to SP1 builds in exchange for feedback.

Security software alone not enough to beat Internet threats, says CA

The growth of botnets has prompted several voices to claim that the war against this threat already has been lost. However, security software developer CA says the war "is far from over." It can be won, we were told, but Internet users will have to learn websmarts and be cautious about a false sense of security that is created by antivirus software - and Windows Vista.

AT&T to host "TXT Bee" events

AT&T wants you to go back to school and learn the (texting) language of your children. The company today announced that it will be hosting a series of "interactive TXT Bees" at "select high schools throughout the country." The first event is taking place today at the West Orange High School in West Orange, New Jersey.

Skype quietly introduces connection fees

If you are using Skype for PC-to-landline calls, you soon could find new and additional charges on your account: The company announced that it will be adding a connection fees to every "SkypeOut" call - in exchange for dropping per-minute charges on a new "SkypePro" package.

Microsoft patches an Excel patch

Microsoft has patched a botched Excel security patch that was issued earlier this month. The flawed patch was supposed to fix five critical Excel flaws, but instead made documents inaccessible for some Excel 2000 users.

Massive credit card breach hits discount clothing stores in U.S.A., Canada and United Kingdom

TJX, the owner of popular discount clothing chains like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, has had their credit and debit card systems hacked. In an announcement, the company said the intrusion was discovered in mid-December 2006 and that it affects its T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods and A.J. Wright stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and the United Kingdom.

"Storm Worm" races across the net

A fast spreading Internet Worm has taken advantage of email users' concern about the recent deadly storm in Europe. The "Storm Worm" has the subject line "230 dead as storm batters Europe" and contains a 30kb attachment that creates a backdoor for further attacks.

Samsung debuts touchscreen phone with force feedback

Immersion said that Samsung's SCH-W559 cellphone is the first device to make use of its "VibeTonz" technology. The device integrates a "unique" touchscreen that comes with "tactile feedback" features to add a new twist to the general use of a cellphone.

Fraunhofer Institute announces MP3 Surround Sound

Streaming surround sound could be just around the corner as the Fraunhofer Institute, known for their MP3 patent, has introduced a surround sound mp3 module. The module compresses music and gives 5.1 channel sound at Internet-friendly bitrates.

Intel gets FCC approval for wireless broadband chip

Intel's first wireless broadband chip has made it through the approval process of the Federal communications Commission (FCC). Images of a Nokia-built PCI Express Mini Card using the "Wireless WAN Link 1965 HSD" chip surfaced today on the FCC website.

LG announces iPhone-looking Prada phone

LG Electronics has announced a touchscreen Prada phone that looks and functions eerily like Apple's iPhone. The phone, much like its Chocolate phone cousin, is marketed towards luxury users and includes a leather case, pre-loaded content and ring tones. LG's phone could even beat Apple's iPhone to market.

Alienware offers notebook with overclocked Core 2 Duo processor

Alienware today announced a "special edition" of its Area-51 m5700 notebook. The system does not look different that the normal m5700, but can be equipped with a few goodies that are only available for this model, the manufacturer said.

Microsoft to promote online purchase and upgrade of Vista

Microsoft announced today that it will allow consumers to purchase, upgrade, or add additional licenses of Windows Vista online, marking the first time the software giant has turned to digital distribution for one of its operating systems.

Oracle rains down 51 security fixes

Oracle, the huge database company based in Redwood Shores California, has released 51 security fixes for its database products. The fixes come as part of a 'Critical Patch Update' that happens quarterly.

Intel to launch 802.11n Wi-Fi chipset next week

Originally scheduled for Q2 launch, Intel's new Wi-Fi chipset code-named "Kedron" will be unveiled at an event next Tuesday, TG Daily has learned.

Microsoft claims 100 million IE7 installations

Microsoft claims that Internet Explorer has been installed on more than 100 million computers in less than three months.

A-Data shows off massive 128 GB solid state drive

A-Data, a Taiwanese memory and peripheral company, has shown off prototypes of an upcoming solid-state drive for ExpressCard, IDE and SATA interfaces. Mainly built for notebook computers, the drives have capacities of 32, 64 and 128 GB.

Extreme communication, Microsoft style

You may be able to close the door to your office, but that won't save you from meetings and colleagues that are trying to get a hold of you, at least if Microsoft and Nortel have their way. The two firms today announced the first step towards their "unified communications" vision, which could allow corporations to create global cubical offices.