Microsoft: Claims of Vista breaking games "grossly overstated"

Microsoft has reacted to accusations of casual game publisher that claimed that Windows Vista is breaking at least 90% of games in the market, mainly due to the operating system's new security architecture.

Prove who you are with Symantec's "Identity Client"

There are plenty of tools to verify the legitimacy of online businesses, but there aren't many for verifying customer identities. Now, Symantec has unveiled their "Norton Identity Client" which proves a customer's identity to businesses.

25 minutes to boot - Geek Squad warns of Vista first bootup times

Some early Vista users and even experienced technical support personnel are experiencing installation problems with Microsoft's newest operating system. Geek Squad employees at local Best Buy stores are handing store customers a paper "Public Service Announcement", warning of long waits during the first boot-up times.

Seagate to ship 10 GB wireless hard drive for cellphones in Q2

Seagate today confirmed that it will be jumping into the wireless storage market by introducing an external hard drive in the second quarter of this year.

iPod Shuffle gets a refresh

If you have been following the announcements of iPods in recent years, then the new Shuffle's are no surprise to you. Apple is now offering its smallest MP3 player in multiple colors.

Alienware announces Vista overhaul

Alienware, a specialty maker of top-end gaming PCs, has thrown its hat into the big Vista ring, now offering the new operating system on its compatible PCs as part of the large-scale Vista launch.

Dell starts selling Vista-equipped computers

Dell has wasted no time selling Microsoft's newest operating system and has been including Vista on most computer orders since Saturday.

Electric Rain announces high-end presentation tool for Office 2007

Highlighting a big Microsoft launch while trying to set itself apart from another, Electric Rain has announced Standout, a presentation slideshow application for Vista that aims to be a better offering than the new Powerpoint available in Office 2007, which also launched today.

FranklinCovey becomes one of the first to offer commercial Vista gadget

One of the big changes to the interface in Windows Vista is the addition of Mac OS-like gadgets, which offer increased functionality for the dekstop screen.

New Vista Gateway notebooks launch alongside new OS

Coinciding with today's release of Microsoft's new operating system, Gateway has launched a pair of new notebook computers preinstalled with Windows Vista, which are available today from Gateway.

Velocity Micro releases Blu-ray Media Center PC box

Enthusiast PC maker chimed in the general Vista launch activities with one of the more interesting hardware products. The company released, according to our knowledge, the first Vista-based set-top media center PCs with an optional Blu-ray writer.

Phishing attacks begin to avoid anti-phishing tech in browsers - report

The number of phishing attacks has exceeded the number of virus threats for the first time in January, according to a report released today.

2006 cell phone tally tops one billion

Cell phone sales went through the roof last year, as total shipments of handsets topped one billion for the first time ever, according to a recent report by IDC.

Adobe wants to make PDF an international standard

Adobe plans on submitting its Portable Document Format (PDF) specification as a world standard. PDFs files have become a de-facto standard around the world because of their WYSIWYG nature both in viewing and printing.

Adobe readies Lightroom 1.0

After months of beta testing, Adobe is finally releasing the commercial version of Lightroom. Aimed at professional photographers, Lightroom helps organize and edit RAW-format pictures. Most of your minor edits can be done inside of Lightroom while major editing will still require Adobe's flagship product Photoshop CS2.

AMD releases Windows Vista graphics driver for ATI cards

ATI has posted the final version of its first Windows Vista certified graphics driver on its website. Catalyst 7.1 promises a broad range of features supporting the new Vista Driver Model.

Microsoft launches Windows Vista

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, chief executive officer Steve Ballmer and a "Windows Vista family" launched the new operating system Windows Vista today late afternoon in New York. Microsoft claims that represents the "biggest launch in software history."

Windows Vista hits the Internet

Windows Vista is scheduled for official launch tomorrow. Several online stores, however, have made the operating system available for order over the weekend and promise to deliver the Vista package by tomorrow. There's even a fancy Bill Gates edition of the software for the collector crowd.

Miami designer develops GPS shoes

An independent businessman from Miami has developed a pair of shoes with a built-in GPS sensor, which can be used to send a distress signal in case the wearer gets lost or cannot get to his cell phone. The shoes are planned to be available in March.

Intel preps five 45 nm dual- and quad-core processors

Intel shows off its tech horsepower, revealing more details about its upcoming 45 nm CPU generation: Penryn, a processor core that will replace the current 65 nm Core 2 processors, uses a new transistor technology to boost performance and reduce power consumption. The Penryn quad-core will carry a stunning 820 million transistors.