Myspace hands out anti-piracy tool to content owners

While Google continues to give somewhat fuzzy timelines about when it will rollout video piracy prevention mechanisms for YouTube, News Corp's Myspace today announced that it is going to make available to content owners a tool that would help the social networking site automatically weed out videos that have been posted without the media company's consent.

Nvidia intros 320 MB 8800 GTS model

Nvidia today announced a new version of its 8800 series of graphics cards.

Intel squeezes 1.8 TFlops out of one processor

San Francisco (CA) - Intel today revealed more details about its 80-core research CPU, which likely is the most powerful floating point engine built to date. 200 of these processors achieve the same floating point performance as today's most powerful supercomputer. But don't get excited just yet: The CPU won't come to market and the number of cores isn't everything to future CPU design, Intel said.

AMD puts Barcelona quad-core into the spotlight at ISSCC

AMD unwrapped a few more details about its upcoming quad-core server and workstation processor "Barcelona" at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).

Samsung unveils iPhone competitor

Seoul (South Korea) - Making its debut in the midst of a legal battle for Apple over its much anticipated iPhone, Samsung today unveiled the F700, a new handset with a feature set designed to rival Apple's upcoming entrant.The new Samsung device comes with a 5 megapixel camera, almost unheard of for a cell phone, and more powerful than the iPhone's 2 megapixel offering.  Like the iPhone, the F700 also has a full touch-screen interface.  There is also a sliding Qwerty keyboard built into the Samsung phone.  

Raytheon demos troposphere high-speed link

Raytheon and the United States Marines have demoed a new high-speed communications device that bounces signals off the troposphere layer of the atmosphere.  The Dual-Mode All-Band Re-locatable Tactical Terminal (DART-T) can transmit up to 20 Mbps to personnel hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles away.

AT&T consolidates parental controls

AT&T has unveiled a new website that lets parents control access to phone calls, Internet access and television.

Microsoft preps 12 patches for February

In a blog posting at Microsoft's Technet site, Microsoft security program manager Christopher Budd announced details about February's monthly security update, which will be available to Windows users on February 13.

Environmental hotspots in Google Earth

Google and the United Nations are reminding people that environmental hotspots can be viewed inside of the free Google Earth program.

Mobile ESPN comes back through Verizon

After a failed specialty cell phone service that was owned and operated by ESPN closed its doors last year, the mobile sports service is making a comeback, this time as part of Verizon's V Cast entertainment package.

Microsoft unveils Windows Mobile 6 OS

Amid Microsoft's avalanche of new product and service launches on January 30, the platform that took a back seat was the software company's mobile operating system. The new Windows Mobile OS will get its own debut later this year, and today some light was shed on what the new version will offer.

New Firefox flaws exploit pop-ups, phishing hole

A pair of new flaws in Mozilla's Firefox browser have found ways around the security infrastructure to fool the system and open up user PCs to potential attacks, according to a report published this week by SecuriTeam.

Analysis: Vista's Ready Boost is no match for RAM

There's a new way to enhance your cache in Vista - simply plug in your Flash memory stick. But how much performance gain can you really expect? TG Daily ran an average PC through a benchmark parcours and discovered that the old rules still apply: There is no substitute for an adequate amount of system memory. Period.

AMD refreshes Opteron lineup, promises fast quad-core chip

AMD today announced a range of new socket AM2- and socket F-based Opteron processors.

Microsoft dismisses claims of Vista breaking games, but ...

In a conversation with TG Daily, Microsoft defended itself against claims that Windows Vista does not run 90% of the games on the market today.

Skype and Symantec partner up to offer online security

Skype and Symantec have partnered up to offer Norton Internet Security and other security products. The products have been "Skype Certified" and will be available through Skype's website at a "special promotion" price.

New Half-life games to come bundled as Black Box, Orange Box

Game publisher EA and developer Valve today said that the new installment to the PC hit Half-Life is going to available in two different bundles - a basic versions for the PC, and a premium bundle that will also be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Hacker attacks reported to happen every 39 seconds

A new study by the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland reveals that cyber hackers now strike once every 39 seconds and that "1234" is the top guess as a password, which hacker scripts use to gain access to someone's files.

P.A. Semi challenges AMD, IBM and Intel in power efficiency

P.A. semi, a fabless chip design company today said that its debut processor has entered the sampling phase and is shipping in small numbers to customers. The company claims that the 2 GHz dual-core processor is four to five times more power efficient than any other processor in its class.

Seagate sails past 15-million milestone in PMR shipments

Seagate claims to be the first hard drive manufacturer to have shipped more than 15 million hard drives that are using perpendicular magnetic recording technology (PMR).