AMD releases new Imageon media processors for cellphones

AMD introduced three new media processors that promise to enhance the graphics and video capability of cellphones.

VA loses laptop with 1.8 million records

The Veterans Administration has lost yet another laptop and this one contains a staggering 1.8 million records.  Personnel at the Birmingham Alabama VA Medical Center lost the laptop on January 22, but the first reports didn’t come out until February 2nd.

Microsoft: We’ll talk about the next Windows when we are ready

Microsoft has issued a statement on reports that the successor of Windows Vista will be released in 2009.

New Adobe Flash Lite adds video

The condensed version of Flash technology designed for cell phones will include support for video playback on mobile platforms with the new version of Flash Lite.

DOJ Report: FBI loses three laptops a month

A Department of Justice audit has found that the Federal Bureau of Investigation loses approximately three laptops per month.

A thin client computer for $140

If a thin client system is all you need in a corporate environment, then here’s a new low-cost alternative. Devon IT announced a thin client terminal with prices starting at $140.

Samsung intros world's thinnest phone

Barcelona (Spain) - At the 3GSM world conference today, Samsung is showing off what it claims is the world's thinnest consumer cell phone, at a thickness not much bigger than a layer of tree bark. The U100, part of Samsung's Ultra Edition II line of sleek handsets, measures in at just 5.9 millimeters thick.  That's about the same as a Type II Compact Flash card, and it's half as thick as what the iPhone is reported to be.  

EA mulling iPhone games

Redwood City (CA) - The name of the device is still in question as part of a legal controversy, but Apple's tentatively titled iPhone has already attracted the world's largest video game publisher, as Electronic Arts has announced initial plans to work on developing games for the new handset, reports Business Week.

Motorola debuts bendable cell phone

Motorola has shown off a new bendable cell phone at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona. The Motorola Z8 is a slider-type phone that actually bends to take the shape of your head. Cnet has some of the first pictures.

Coraid pushes SATA over the Ethernet

System administrators who need a lot of network storage may want to look into Coraid's serial ATA over Ethernet.

TI’s OMAP 3 processor plays 720p HD video

Barcelona (Spain) – Texas Instruments (TI) has added three new processors to its handheld application processor lineup. On the high-end, the company now offers a platform that decodes high-definition video, supports 12 megapixel digital cameras and can play Shader Model 3-based video games.

BeOS fans resurrect OS

BeOS fans are bringing back their favorite operating system as the Haiku OS.

Micron bundles mobile DRAM and NAND flash

Micron will begin offering memory solutions for cellphones that combine DRAM and NAND flash memory in one package.

Another Pearl: RIM announces Blackberry 8800

Barcelona (Spain) – Research in Motion (RIM) today announced a new Blackberry smartphone. The new 8800 merges the form factor of the traditional Blackberry with the piano-black design of the 8100. The new phone comes with integrated GPS and a n illuminated “Pearl” trackball. Other than the original 8100 Pearl, the 8800 tries to appeal to traditional Blackberry customers with a security-focused, but enhanced feature set. As the original Blackberry devices, the 8800 is wider than the 8100 and offers a full QWERTY keyboard.

Sandisk puts 4 GB into your cellphone

Barcelona (Spain) – Flash memory cards reach the next stage with finger nail-sized MicroSDHC cards hitting the 4 GB mark. If you really want to, you soon can store about 1000 MP3 tracks on your cellphone and you do not necessarily need Nokia’s N91 hard drive phone to do so. Sandisk today said that it will begin offering a 4 GB MicroSDHC card later this year.

Sandisk announces microSD-miniSD-SD combo packs

At the 3GSM World Conference in Spain, Sandisk introduced a new SD card product that will be making its way to the US next month. The new microSD Multi SD Kit includes a a microSD card that comes with both a miniSD and standard SD card adapters.

Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6

Barcelona (Spain) - Microsoft unveiled the next version of its smartphone operating system at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Windows Mobile 6 brings a range of improvements and new features, ranging from a new Internet Explorer web browser to the integration of Office and Windows Live applications.

Myspace hands out anti-piracy tool to content owners

While Google continues to give somewhat fuzzy timelines about when it will rollout video piracy prevention mechanisms for YouTube, News Corp's Myspace today announced that it is going to make available to content owners a tool that would help the social networking site automatically weed out videos that have been posted without the media company's consent.

Nvidia intros 320 MB 8800 GTS model

Nvidia today announced a new version of its 8800 series of graphics cards.

Intel squeezes 1.8 TFlops out of one processor

San Francisco (CA) - Intel today revealed more details about its 80-core research CPU, which likely is the most powerful floating point engine built to date. 200 of these processors achieve the same floating point performance as today's most powerful supercomputer. But don't get excited just yet: The CPU won't come to market and the number of cores isn't everything to future CPU design, Intel said.