Say cheese, researchers want cameras in every airline seat

Terrorists better put on their makeup because European researchers are developing small cameras to be mounted in the backs of airline seats.

Intel to prevent overheating laptops with light

HyperColor lives! Intel plans on fighting overheating laptops with little bit of light and color-changing material.

Adobe releases Lightroom 1.0

Culver City (CA) - Adobe has officially its RAW/JPEG editing and organizing application, Lightroom 1.0. The program is meant for professional photographers, like wedding or sports photographers, who have to manage and show thousands of RAW images. It has basic editing tools and extensive meta-data tagging and ranking.

Microsoft releases Vista migration tools

Microsoft has released six new tools that should help businesses migrate to Vista.

Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007 goes gold

Just as promised, Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007 is now available as a free download.

Sun touts multi-threading capable networks

Following multi-core processors that are able to process multiple application threads simultaneously, Sun today announced its multithreaded 10 Gig E networking technology that can take advantage of parallel threads and improve network performance.

AMD releases new consumer flagship processor X2 6000+

A few months late, AMD today fired up the latest and likely last performance stage for its 90 nm Athlon 64 X2 processor with Windsor core. The new 6000+ model is clocked at 3 GHz and represents a consumer-focused socket AM2 version of the FX-74 enthusiast processor that is based on the socket 1207FX.

OLPC to have a remote-kill switch

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) group will be installing remote-kill switches to deter people from reselling their cheap laptops.

Quanta confirms orders for one million OLPCs

Quanta, a major Taiwanese notebook pc maker, has confirmed that it has received orders for one million units of its OLPC, more commonly referred to as the "$100 laptop".

Kodak launches image printing service for cellphone cameras

Kodak today announced a partnership with Exclaim, which will enable the company to offer a new image printing service that aims to take advantage of the increasing image quality of pictures that are taken with cellphone cameras.

Nvidia activates a supercomputer in your PC

Santa Clara (CA) – What does it take to transform your PC into a teraflop supercomputer? It may be less than you think – two graphics cards and programming know-how are enough to push your desktop PC’s performance into a range that required 10,000 processors a decade ago.

Experts doubt quantum computer's authenticity

D-Wave's quantum computer demonstration this week has generated lots of buzz, but some experts doubt demo's authenticity.

BMW rumored to plan iPhone integration

According to media reports, BMW will be the first car maker to include integration with the forthcoming iPhone.

Valentine's Day emails hiding viruses and rootkits

Valentines' Day isn't all about hugs and kisses and some hackers are taking advantage of the day by sending virus and rootkit-laden emails masquerading as love letters.

Los Angeles mayor wants citywide Wi-Fi

Los Angeles residents could be getting free wireless Internet in the next few years.

OCZ expands into peripherals, offers gaming mouse

Sunnyvale (CA) – Performance memory maker OCZ is moving beyond its core business of gaming memory and power supply units. Following the recent introduction of a high-end graphics card, the company today announced a gaming mouse with a “triple-threat-button.” In online gaming, it’s all about getting every advantage you get to knock out your competitors. OCZ says that its debut gaming mouse has at least two features that will provide gamers an edge on high-resolution screens and first-person shooters.  

Plextor announces pocket-sized DVD burner

Chicago (IL) - Plextor today announced the availability of a new compact DVD burner to date.  The PX-608CU is less than 16 millimeters thick and weighs about 0.5 pounds. The external drive, which supports both formats of bland DVDs and can write at speeds of up to 8x for a single-layer disc, is USB bus-powered and comes with an AC adapter for use with a computer that cannot meet the power requirements.   

SlySoft invites beta testers for upcoming HD-DVD ripper

Antigua (West Indies) - SlySoft, a company known for its CD/DVD ripping software, is inviting the public to test drive its HD-DVD ripping program. Beta testers of AnyDVD HD can "remaster" the high-definition discs and, according to SlySoft, rip out first tracks and advertisements.  

Microsoft patches 20 security holes in February update

Microsoft's monthly security update for February has gone live. Though it marks the first update since the consumer release of Windows Vista, none of the 20 fixes are for the new operating system.

Shuttle launches quad-core SFF workstations

Small Form factor PC company Shuttle announced the availability of the XPC P2 3700w line of high performance workstations, becoming the company's first set of products to include quad-core technology.