Samsung accelerates graphics memory to 2000 MHz

The Gigahertz race may be over in the microprocessor space, but its is alive and kicking in the memory segment. Samsung today announces a 66% speed boost for high end graphics memory, which is expected to debut in enthusiast graphics cards later this year.

Hacker uncovers Internet Explorer 7 phishing hole

A newly announced flaw in Internet Explorer 7 makes it much easier for hackers to circumvent the phishing filters.

AMD delays R600 graphics chip

Culver City (CA) - AMD's long awaited ATI R600 graphics chip is getting delayed and is now expected to be available in May. The card was scheduled to be released in March and would have given Nvidia's 8800 line of cards a run for their money. According to leaked documents, the ATi card will be released in two sizes, a massive 12-inch long card for system integrators and a shorter 9-inch card for channel partners. As you can imagine, the card is going to use quite a bit of electricity, in the neighborhood of 200 to 300 watts.

UPDATE: Windows Vista Express Upgrades could begin shipping next week

If you purchased a PC before January 30 and took advantage of the Vista Express Upgrade program, you know by now that this program is everything else but "Express".

Skype 3.1 beta adds virtual yellow pages

Although Skype 3.0 was just released a few months ago, a new public beta version has already been made available.

Kingston ships 4 GB performance memory kits

Kingston has announced an improved version of its 800 MHz HyperX memory.

Canon introduces 10 fps EOS-1D Mark III camera

Culver City (CA) - Several camera makers are announcing new cameras in advance of next month's PMA convention and Canon is no exception. The company introduced the EOS-1D Mark III, which shoots 10.1-megapixel pictures at up to 10 frames per second. But the camera isn't just about bigger and faster because it also has "Live View" which allows you to preview shots, just like a point and shoot camera.  

Will Apple's Leopard bite? - analyst opinion

Windows Vista is out the gate, but Apple is gearing up to unleash its latest wildcat, Leopard. How does it compare to Vista and will it be strong enough to offer convincing incentives over the use of Microsoft's $5 billion Vista OS?

OCZ unveils flashy "Reaper" performance memory

Sunnyvale (CA) - OCZ today announced a new memory module that follows the recent trend of more visible cooling methods. The new "Reaper" modules come with a fin-array heatspreader that is connected to the main heatspreader of the module via a copper heatpipe.  

National Geographic announces pre-paid worldwide cellphone

National Geographic and Playa del Rey, California-based Cellular Abroad have partnered up to deliver a pre-paid worldwide mobile phone.

Snort vulnerability opens door to remote code execution

Sourcefire, the company behind the free network intrusion detection software Snort, has confirmed a vulnerability in the Snort DCE/RPC preprocessor, which enables an attacker to remotely run programs.

Windows Defender fails spyware test

Windows Defender, Microsoft's built-in anti-spyware application in Windows Vista, has failed another security test.

AMD raises graphics performance with second-gen Vista driver

AMD today released its second Catalyst graphics driver for Windows Vista, promising performance gains between 21% and 48% in certain games. Nvidia also has caught up with Vista and recently released its first final driver for the new operating system.

Google patches desktop search flaw

Google has patched a vulnerability in its Google Desktop Search.

WD rolls out networked hard drives

Growing video and music collections are slowly opening a few business opportunity for hard drive manufacturers: Shared storage devices allow consumers to access their digital content via an Internet connection from anywhere in the world: WD joins the bandwagon with a 1 TB new network storage solution for consumers.

Samsung to show USB LCD at Cebit

Samsung will unveil a new LCD that can be connected to a PC via an integrated USB port.

Nikon rains down eight new cameras

Nikon has unveiled eight new consumer cameras in its Life, Style and Performance lines.

Say cheese, researchers want cameras in every airline seat

Terrorists better put on their makeup because European researchers are developing small cameras to be mounted in the backs of airline seats.

Intel to prevent overheating laptops with light

HyperColor lives! Intel plans on fighting overheating laptops with little bit of light and color-changing material.

Adobe releases Lightroom 1.0

Culver City (CA) - Adobe has officially its RAW/JPEG editing and organizing application, Lightroom 1.0. The program is meant for professional photographers, like wedding or sports photographers, who have to manage and show thousands of RAW images. It has basic editing tools and extensive meta-data tagging and ranking.