Google adds traffic to maps

Google has added color-coded traffic information to its online Google Maps service.

Sophos unveils top 10 malware list for February

Mytob, Netsky, and the notorious HckPk were among the largest malware threats during February, according to Sophos's monthly report.

Fox announces TV show downloads from affiliate sites

Fox is set to announce today that it will begin offering downloads of its shows on over 200 local affiliate websites.

Microsoft releases patch for Vista

Microsoft has issued a bugfix for the recently released Windows Vista, which resolves a problem with the network adapter component.

AMD challenges Intel with its first integrated graphics chipset

AMD today announced its RS690 chipset which is not only AMD’s first-ever integrated graphics chipset solution, but also the first product that takes advantage of technologies from both AMD and ATI. The 690 will attack Intel’s dominance in the high-volume mainstream market of desktop PCs and position the chipset as a product that is superior to Nvidia chipsets.

Laptop using driver dies in accident

Using your laptop while driving can be hazardous to your health as one Californian man found out.

Legacy rolls out certified 4 GB FB-DIMMs

Legacy Electronics is offering a 4 GB DDR2-667 fully buffered dual in-line memory module (FB-DIMM) with certification for Intel chipsets and Computer Memory Test Labs (CMTL) requirements.

WordPerfect Lightning beta goes live

Corel has released a public beta version of WordPerfect Lightning, a free and toned down version of its word processor that lets users create, edit, print and store files online for remote access.

iPhone commercial hits the red carpet during Oscar telecast

Although it is not planned for release until June, Apple debuted the first iPhone commercial during the Academy Awards telecast on ABC last night.

Wireless networks jump in popularity: survey

More than one third of Internet users have connected to the Web via a wireless connection, according to a new survey that was released yesterday.

BitTorrent to offer legal TV, movie downloads

The name behind one of the most popular forms of digital piracy, BitTorrent has announced that it is launching a new platform that will allow consumers to purchase digital content on the up and up.

Japan working on payment via cell phone for Big Macs

Japanese customers will soon be able to pay for their fast food lunch without the use of cash or a credit card, thanks to a new partnership between McDonald's and Docomo, Japan's largest cell phone operator.

PCI Express now in all PCs and x86 servers

The PCI Express interface has been quickly adopted by the computer industry with "virtually all" PCs and x86 servers now integrating the technology, according to In-Stat.

90% of emails could be spam by the end of the year

A vast majority of your emails could be spam by the end of the year.

Adtron to offer 160 GB 2.5" flash drive

Adtron last week announced that it will begin offering what will be the largest solid-state disk (SSD) drive on the market - matching the capacity of the upcoming mainstream hard drive capacity in notebooks. Unfortunately, the drive will be priced well out of consumer reach.

Symantec announces Norton 360 suite

Symantec is throwing almost every security tool it can find into its new Norton 360 suite which contains antivirus, antispyware and antiphishing tools.

Mozilla offers Firefox/Thunderbird security updates

Mozilla has released a security update to its popular Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail application.

Intel Crestline chipset will run DirectX 10

Intel is currently finalizing its new notebook platform, code-named "Santa Rosa." Sources told TG Daily that the platform is on track for a May release and it looks like that it will come with a quite capable graphics engine. We hear that the Crestline chipset, core of Santa Rosa, will be DirectX 10 compatible.

"Most" Vista Express upgrades confirmed to ship in March

Chicago (IL) - The Vista Express upgrade, which has not been so "express," as we learned yesterday, will finally be making its way to consumers in March, supply chain management firm ModusLink told TG Daily today.

Tech firm working on paperless boarding passes for mobile phones

A European IT company is working on developing a new technology that would make paper boarding passes a thing of the past.