Airbus A380 makes a perfect landing at LAX

The world's largest passenger airplane, the Airbus A380, made a perfect landing at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday.

Data centers can reduce fire risk by sucking out oxygen

Data centers can reduce the risk of a fire by reducing the amount of oxygen in the air.

United States the top source of online attacks

Most people probably think of China or Russia as the number one source of hacking attempts, but according to Symantec, most online attacks come from the United States.

Italy enacts national ban for phones in schools

Italy has banned the use of cell phones in schools across the country, making it reportedly the first European nation to implement such a statewide ban.

Are you in for a Daylight Savings Time surprise?

Applying the Daylight Savings Time to a single PC isn't such a big deal, but it has been discussed as a big event in the industry.

Intel answers rumors of Core 2 Quad price cut... sorta

The Internet is abuzz with rumors of a massive price cut in Intel's Core 2 Quad processor later this year and Intel's Dan Snyder gave us Intel's answer...

Google releases embedded Google Talk gadget

Google has released an HTML script that Web designers and Myspace users alike can use to embed the Google Talk application into a web page.

Are you in for a Daylight Savings Time surprise?

Applying the Daylight Savings Time to a single PC isn't such a big deal, but it has been discussed as a big event in the industry.

Wireless users more web savvy than wired ones, says study

A European study of over 1,500 people from the EIAA shows that wireless internet users are far more engaged online than their wired counterparts, spending over six hours more online per week.

Intel's Robson gets a real name: Turbo Memory

Hannover (Germany) - Intel revealed more news about its upcoming flash cache technology. Code-named "Robson", the add-in card is now officially called "Turbo Memory" and promises to accelerate application startups on notebooks. Intel is taking it slow at this year's Cebit, at least from the view of product announcements made so far.

Tivo launches remote mobile scheduling

A new service launched today allows Verizon subscribers to manage their Tivo recordings anywhere in the country.

Lenovo to pre-load Windows Live services on new PCs and ThinkPads

Lenovo has agreed to pre-load Windows Live services onto ThinkPad notebooks, ThinkCentre desktops and Lenovo-branded PCs.

Samsung to provide killer-robots to watch Korean DMZ

Korean sources have said that Samsung is to supply its SGR-A1 stationary weapons robot to the South Korean military for the purpose of keeping an eye on the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) which separates North and South Korea, technically still at war since 1950.

Intel set to launch Bearlake FSB1333 chipset at Cebit

While Intel has remained quiet in public about a possible introduction of a refreshed Core 2 Duo platform, first motherboards that support the faster front side bus FSB1333, the upcoming 45 nm processor Penryn and provide the technology foundation for DDR3 memory have surfaced at the Cebit tradeshow.

NBC to enter mobile video market

NBC Universal has become the latest network to announce that it will begin offering specific programming to mobile phone users.

Undertaker begins broadcasting funerals over the Internet

An undertaker in Northern Ireland has begun broadcasting funerals over the internet so that people can mourn a deceased loved one no matter where in the world they are at the time of the funeral.

Dude, your MacBook is on fire!

Culver City (CA) - The Apple MacBook would seem to be at risk of spontaneous combustion the same as many other types of notebook, despite claims by Apple that the Lithium Polymer type of battery used in the MacBook and MacBook Pro line of notebooks is far less likely to explode compared to the faulty type of Sony battery found in exploding Dell, Lenovo and other manufacturers products.  

Switch off your Internet and go socialize, Mumbai students told

Students at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai (Bombay) have been told that the college will be turning off the free internet access provided on the campuses 13 student hostels from 11pm to 12.30 am.

Sandisk announces $350 flash hard drive

Want to upgrade your notebook PC? If it is not capacity, but it is performance you are interested in, then Sandisk should soon have an option that could make you think twice:

Intel enters the flash drive business

Intel has entered the flash drive business by announcing its Z-U130 flash drive.