Adobe releases CS3 versions of Photoshop family

San Jose (CA) – Adobe today announced the CS3 family of products in what the company claims is the biggest launch in the firm’s history. Surrounding a new Photoshop, there are a total of 17 new software versions, which are organized into six different packages.    

Napster partners with AT&T to offer free music service

Existing and future AT&T residential and wireless customers will soon be able to access Napster’s music service for free.

Luvaglio announces world’s most expensive laptop

UK-based Luvaglio has announced what could be the world’s most expensive laptop. The 17" laptop will have a rare diamond for the power key and will retail for more than one million dollars. In addition to the diamond, the laptop will have a self-cleaning anti-reflective screen along with 128 GB of solid state storage. Extra: Video

XFX debuts motherboards for Intel FSB1333 processors

Ontario (CA) - XFX today announced a new series of motherboards based on Nvidia’s nForce 600i series chipset for Intel processors.

First vulnerability in Vista's Windows Mail discovered

The successor to Outlook Express links seamlessly with its predecessor's dubious reputation in matters of security. Just a few months after its official release, the first significant security problem has been uncovered: under certain circumstances, simply clicking on a link in an email can cause a program to be launched on the local computer.

IBM develops 160 Gigabit per second optical chip

Your downloads could get faster, a lot faster, with IBM’s new optical networking chip.

Intel to build $2.5 billion chip plant in China

Intel has confirmed that it is to build a $2.5 billion wafer fabrication facility in China which is set to manufacture its first chips by early 2010.

Mozilla says security researchers wield too much power

Mozilla’s security chief Window Snyder has said that software developers are at the mercy of bug hunters where disclosure of critical flaws in programs is concerned.

Helio announces new "Ocean" phone

Los Angeles (CA) - Helio today announced its latest cell phone, which it claims is the world's first to include both a Qwerty keyboard and a numeric keypad. The phone, named the Helio Ocean, uses 3G cellular technology for wireless entertainment and communication.  It has a 2.4 inch, 260K color QVGA screen, a 2 megapixel digital camera, and playback capabilities fr MP3, AAC, WMA, and MPEG4. It comes with an internal memory of 200 MB and  a micro SD card slot, which allows for up to 2 GB of additional storage.  

AMD dual-core processors scratching $100 mark

Columbus (OH) - This week marks the 25th week since we began looking at processor pricing back in October.  We've seen an unprecedented erosion of CPU pricing over this time frame and there’s more news this week: AMD’s X2 processors have arrived in the entry-level arena of processor prices.

Sony pitches new DRM technology “CLEFIA”

Sony said it has developed a new block cipher algorithm that is designed to enable “advanced” copyright protection and authentication for the distribution of digital content such as music and images.

Oxygen generator responsible for British submarine accident

An explosion aboard a Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarine at 0420 GMT yesterday which left two sailors dead and a third injured was caused by an oxygen "candle", US and British military sources have conformed.

Eurocom launches monster laptop with 600 GB of HD capacity

Eurocomm has announced a huge laptop that has 600 GB of hard drive space.

Yahoo declares dominance over Google in mobile search

Yahoo has finally found a market segment in which it can out-do online giant Google, as its online search engine has become the leader in the mobile search market.

Airbus A380 makes a perfect landing at LAX

The world's largest passenger airplane, the Airbus A380, made a perfect landing at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday.

Data centers can reduce fire risk by sucking out oxygen

Data centers can reduce the risk of a fire by reducing the amount of oxygen in the air.

United States the top source of online attacks

Most people probably think of China or Russia as the number one source of hacking attempts, but according to Symantec, most online attacks come from the United States.

Italy enacts national ban for phones in schools

Italy has banned the use of cell phones in schools across the country, making it reportedly the first European nation to implement such a statewide ban.

Are you in for a Daylight Savings Time surprise?

Applying the Daylight Savings Time to a single PC isn't such a big deal, but it has been discussed as a big event in the industry.

Intel answers rumors of Core 2 Quad price cut... sorta

The Internet is abuzz with rumors of a massive price cut in Intel's Core 2 Quad processor later this year and Intel's Dan Snyder gave us Intel's answer...