MLB pitches video highlights to iTunes

Apple today announced that video highlights of the 2007 Major League Baseball (MLB) season will be heading to the iTunes digital store.

Former Presidents stir up laughter and tout micro-credit loans at CTIA keynote

Orlando (FL) - Former United States Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton wowed the crowd at the CTIA Wireless keynote speech in Orlando Florida.  The two presidents talked about funny moments during their presidencies, to roaring laughter from the crowd, and encourage wireless experts to do their part to serve the country and the world.  

iPhone release date speculated to be June 11

The flagship cell phone from Apple is headed for a release date this June, according to media speculation.

Wilson Electronics shows off next-gen cellular phone amplifiers at CTIA

Wilson Electronics has a new cellular phone amplifier that it claims will greatly eliminate dropped calls.  The SignalBoost amplifier will pump an extra three watts of power into a phone signal which, according to the company, is 10 to 15 times the power output of a normal phone.

HP announces small biz NAS

HP yesterday announced a new version of its Media Vault NAS with enhancements for small business owners.

Dell to roll out Linux on future computers

After requests, rumors, and unofficial announcements, Dell officially announced that it will begin offering Linux on select desktop and notebook PCs.

Intel develops integrated memory controller for Nehalem processors

Santa Clara (CA) – Just a few weeks ahead of its developer forum in Beijing, Intel has provided an update on the 45 nm Penryn processor family as well as the successor of the first generation Core architecture, which goes by the code-name “Nehalem.” The big news is the Intel will depart from the traditional front side bus and integrate the memory controller into the CPU.

Gateway announces SFF PC

Irvine (CA) - Gateway today announced a new Small Form Factor (SFF) desktop computer targeted at education, government, and business customers.The E-2610 contains an Intel 945 chipset, support for Intel Core 2 Duo dual-core processors, and is optimized for Windows Vista.  Gateway offers the PC with three BTX case options, which it says help to efficiently cool the PC.

Philips introduces AAA battery-powered cell phone

Philips and Energizer this week unveiled a new cell phone with a built-in alkaline battery compartment for users to use when the Lithium-ion battery runs out of power.

Zyxel to launch dual-mode Wi-Fi/GSM handset in 2H07

Network-equipment maker Zyxel Communications plans to launch its first dual-mode Wi-Fi/GSM smartphone, the V660, in the second half of 2007, targeting small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs), according to company sources.

Amp'd Mobile slammed with $100,000 fine

Specialty mobile service provider Amp'd Mobile may face a fine of up to $100,000 after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) claimed the company failed to follow privacy security guidelines.

Viacom strikes mobile video ad deal with Intel, Pepsi

In a bid to earn more money from its mobile video streaming, Viacom has finalized deals with Pepsi and Intel to provide ads for its cell phone videos.

Mobile start-up offers snap-and-sell classifieds

New mobile software company iqzone has announced what it is calling the first mobile service for "broadcasting and searching classified ads from mobile phones."

FlipStart shows off “super compact” computer

Orlando (FL) - Compact palm-sized computers have often garnered headlines, but leave a great deal to be desired in the actual usability department.  Flipstart is trying to change that with its compact, but very capable computer which we got a glimpse of at the CTIA Wireless convention in Orlando Florida.  The sub 2-pound machine has a 5.6" screen and slew of wireless features and an additional ARM processor for lightweight operations.  

Plantronics expands Bluetooth stereo headset offering

Orlando (FL) – Plantronics has introduced its third Bluetooth stereo headset. The new Pulsar 260 model expands the firm’s offering on the lower end of the portfolio. Compared to the 590 series of stereo headsets, which is a rather bulky model, the Pulsar 260 consists of a control device to which wired, noise-isolating earphones as well as a microphone are attached. According to the manufacturer, the control device allows users to navigate through a music collection and adjust the volume without ever touching a music phone.  

Sun puts AMD Opteron processors into Netra server line

Sun today introduced a new member in its Netra server family: For the first time, the company offers an AMD Opteron CPU in a carrier-grade blade-server.

Peakstream intros beta stream processing platform for Windows

Building a supercomputer has become a whole lot easier with stream processing solutions such as Peakstream or Nvidia’s CUDA technology. Peakstream today announced a new version of its application interface, which enables developers to take advantage of the floating point horsepower of graphics cards under Windows.

Sanyo intros rugged phone with advanced GPS

Sanyo today announced its latest phone, the SCP-7050, which it says is its most rugged phone to date. It also incorporates GPS-based Java applications.

Sprint to slash mobile music downloads to 99 cents

Sprint today announced that it will cut the prices for songs in its mobile music store to 99 cents, getting rid of the $1.50 premium over what is considered an industry standard.

Samsung unveils 1.8” 64 GB flash hard drive

Is there a flash hard drive in your future? If you have been thinking about replacing your good old hard drive with a solid state device, but have been turned down by price (or lack of availability), you soon may have a few options: Samsung today unveiled a 64 GB drive – which indicates that capacities are rising quickly and prices may be dropping at a similar pace.