Santa Rosa platform to hit shelves in H1 May, says DRAMeXchange

According to the current product planning of vendors, if all goes as scheduled, Intel's next generation notebook platform, Santa Rosa, is set to hit product shelves in the first half of May, according to DRAMeXchange, which noted that from the timetable, both the shipments of full system and barebone notebooks will be a major focus of PC ODMs at the end of April.

Optimus keyboard delayed until December 2007

Art Lebedev, the Russian design studio behind the Optimus OLED keyboard, said that it likely will not ship its first keyboards before December of this year.

Logitech preps “Wave” keyboard

Chicago (IL) – Logitech recently has received FCC approval for a new wireless keyboard/mouse combination called “Cordless Desktop Wave”.The new device will be Logitech’s first keyboard tailored for use with Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system. Compared to the currently available “Cordless Desktop Comfort laser” keyboard, there are now a few dedicated buttons that directly correspond to Vista features.

Microsoft to release patch for killer cursor vulnerability

Microsoft is working “around the clock” on an official patch for the Windows Animated Cursor Handling vulnerability that is running wild on the Internet.

Intel to augment 1-way server lineup in third quarter

Intel plans to strengthen its 1-way server lineup with the addition of new processors along with price cuts for existing products in the third quarter 2007.

AMD announces availability of AMD M690 chipset

AMD on March 29 announced the availability of its M690 chipset for its Turion64 X2 dual-core mobile CPUs.

China replaces U.S. as top malware country, says Sophos

Following a continuous increase in malware over the past months, China is now listed by Sophos as the leading malware country.

Quo vadis, Nvidia?

Have you ever wondered how AMD’s ATI acquisition and the battle for the mainstream customer in the CPU and GPU markets would impact Nvidia? We did and spent some time with the company to learn about how the company perceives its challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing graphics market. Will Nvidia be squeezed out of the GPU market or grow even stronger than it is today?

eEye releases unofficial patch for animated cursor vulverability

Computer security researcher eEye Digital Security has released an unofficial patch for the .ANI animated cursor vulnerability.

GPS Vehicle trackers, Bluetooth headsets and other gadgets popular at the CTIA Wireless convention

The recently completed CTIA Wireless convention in Orlando Florida was the place to be if you wanted to check out the latest electronic gadgets.

Other AMD dual-cores follow price downswing

Columbus (OH) - Last week, we saw prices of a handful of AMD dual-core processors falling to near-$100 levels. This time around, a couple major price decreases led other X2 processors heading down the same path. Last week, the 3800+, 4200+, and 4600+ all saw fairly significant price drops on online stores. This week saw no major changes to these products, but the processors surrounding them in the performance scale began catching up.

Teleatlas shows off Mobile Mapping Van at CTIA

Orlando (FL) - Most people have used GPS devices, but have you ever wondered where all the data comes from?  At the CTIA Wireless convention in Orlando Florida, Tele Atlas company officials showed us their “Mobile Mapping Van” which collects data through several cameras, laser units and differential GPS unit.  The data is then organized and sold to the big GPS makers like TomTom and Mapquest.    

Dell includes LoJack with XPS laptops

Dell includes a one-year subscription to a theft protection service on some of its notebooks.

MLB pitches video highlights to iTunes

Apple today announced that video highlights of the 2007 Major League Baseball (MLB) season will be heading to the iTunes digital store.

Former Presidents stir up laughter and tout micro-credit loans at CTIA keynote

Orlando (FL) - Former United States Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton wowed the crowd at the CTIA Wireless keynote speech in Orlando Florida.  The two presidents talked about funny moments during their presidencies, to roaring laughter from the crowd, and encourage wireless experts to do their part to serve the country and the world.  

iPhone release date speculated to be June 11

The flagship cell phone from Apple is headed for a release date this June, according to media speculation.

Wilson Electronics shows off next-gen cellular phone amplifiers at CTIA

Wilson Electronics has a new cellular phone amplifier that it claims will greatly eliminate dropped calls.  The SignalBoost amplifier will pump an extra three watts of power into a phone signal which, according to the company, is 10 to 15 times the power output of a normal phone.

HP announces small biz NAS

HP yesterday announced a new version of its Media Vault NAS with enhancements for small business owners.

Dell to roll out Linux on future computers

After requests, rumors, and unofficial announcements, Dell officially announced that it will begin offering Linux on select desktop and notebook PCs.

Intel develops integrated memory controller for Nehalem processors

Santa Clara (CA) – Just a few weeks ahead of its developer forum in Beijing, Intel has provided an update on the 45 nm Penryn processor family as well as the successor of the first generation Core architecture, which goes by the code-name “Nehalem.” The big news is the Intel will depart from the traditional front side bus and integrate the memory controller into the CPU.