IRS loses hundreds of laptops, fails its own audit

Over the past few years, the Internal Revenue Service has lost several hundred laptops according to a new report from the IRS Inspector General J. Russell George.

Citibank launches mobile banking application

Citigroup this week launched what it is calling the first mobile banking application in the US.

Possible UCSF data breach exposes data of 46,000 people

46,000 students and employees at the University of California San Francisco may have had their personal information stolen in a data breach, according to university officials.

iPod takes a bullet, saves soldier’s life

According to a picture posted on Flickr, one lucky U.S. Army soldier was saved by his iPod after the music player took a bullet from an AK-47.

Google lets users create My Maps

Google has launched a new personalized touch to its online maps tool that allows users to create customized maps with specific locations and pictures.

Intel quietly launches first Core 2 Duo ULV processors

Intel has added two ultra low voltage versions of its Core 2 Duo processor with Merom core to its product portfolio.

Police catch crooks in style with new electric trike

Police departments frequently catch criminals with cars, motorcycles and yes even Segways, but some departments, like the Los Angeles Police Department, are now trying out an electric trike made by Irvine Calfornia-based T3 Motion, with spectacular results.

Opteron vs. Xeon performance battle goes into the next round

AMD today released new performance benchmark results for its fastest Opteron processors and reclaims the performance crown in the 2P dual-core arena. While these specific numbers are on AMD’s side, it really depends on your view, which company has the fastest 2P processor: Intel points to its quad-core CPU and says nothing has changed in the performance arena.

Full Flex International’s kit converts cars to ethanol in 20 minutes

Anaheim (CA) - Anyone with a few hundred bucks and basic mechanic skills can convert their cars into flexible fuel vehicles in about 20 minutes.  This is according to representatives of Full Flex International which sells drop-in conversion kits that let cars run on both ethanol and gasoline.  The kits piggyback on top of the fuel injector computers.

Ready, Set, Text! at the LG championships

This past Saturday, over 30 contestants warmed up their thumbs to compete in LG Mobile’s National Texting Competition – the first ever text messaging competition.

Safer streets and cleaner air with Ford’s ethanol-powered police car

Anaheim (CA) - An ethanol-powered police car could be the next one that pulls you over for speeding.  For 2008, Ford has introduced a flex-fuel Crown Victoria Police Interceptor car that takes ethanol and gasoline.  The car can use E85 which is a mixture of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline or regular gasoline in the same tank.  Police departments can also blend the E85 and gasoline in the tank.

Update: Apple Mac Pro gets a special Clovertown processor

Cupertino (CA) – When four cores are not enough, then there is now the option to equip Apple’s Mac Pro dual-socket desktop system with two limited production quad-core processors. Of course, the privilege of owning an eight-core Apple, especially with a processor that isn’t part of Intel’s volume product portfolio yet, doesn’t come cheap.

Samsung launches SpinPoint S166 HDD series

Samsung Electronics has announced its new SpinPoint S166 series of silent and high-speed hard disk drives (HDDs).

Philips Lumileds claims smallest, brightest power LED

Philips Lumileds recently announced the immediate availability of its Luxeon Rebel power LED, which is 3×4.5mm with a foot print area 75% smaller than other surface mount power LEDs.

Spansion launches MirrorBit Eclipse architecture

Spansion has unveiled its MirrorBit Eclipse architecture that combines MirrorBit NOR, ORNAND and Quad flash memory on a single die.

Intel introduces ‘Centrino Pro’ brand for business notebooks

Intel this morning announced the “Centrino Pro” brand for its professional business platform of notebook components. Centrino Pro extends the vPro label into the mobile space and will be used starting with higher-end business notebooks based on the upcoming Santa Rosa platform.

OCZ accelerates Reaper memory to 1150 MHz

Sunnyvale (CA) – Performance memory maker today announced an upgraded version of its “Reaper” memory, which comes with an attached heatpipe cooling system. The new PC-9200 modules increase the clock speed of the previously announced PC-8500 memory from 1066 to 1150 MHz. The external, fin-array heatspreader that is connected to the memory module via a heatpipe remains unchanged. The same goes for timings, which are 5-5-5.

Flipstart compact PC goes on sale

More than two years after the launch of what was perceived as its main competitor, Flipstart today launched its first ultra-compact PC. Compared to the OQO model 02, the Flipstart is slightly larger, comes with a complete feature set and offers some innovative approaches for data input, but has less horsepower and a high price.

SanDisk introduces industrial-grade compact flash cards

SanDisk has announced a new line of compact flash cards designed for the extreme photographer.

Mexico City to get urban Wi-Fi

Mexico City’s new mayor has promised city-wide wireless Internet by 2008.