Spansion samples 128Mb MirrorBit SPI flash in 104MHz frequency

Spansion announced its latest MirrorBit supports serial peripheral interface (SPI) family member, the 90nm-made 128Mbit MirrorBit flash at 104MHz frequency (part number S25FL128P) with sampling already started.

TSMC expects to enter 45nm production in September

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) today announced that it would complete 45nm technology qualification and enter production as early as September 2007.

Microsoft posts Office Communications Server 2007 beta

Microsoft has posted a public beta of its Office Communications Server 2007 software.

Yahoo and Sandisk to challenge iPod supremacy

Yahoo and Sandisk have partnered up with a new MP3 player than wirelessly downloads songs from the Net

Nokia launches N95 GPS phone in the U.S.

Irving (TX) - In a rather unusual move, Nokia has launched a new high-end cellphone in the U.S. before its typically preceding launch in European key markets. The new N95 GPS and HSDPA capable phone is available through two Nokia stores as well as “selected” retailers for $750.

VIA says reports on Intel chipset licensing just rumors

VIA, in response to recent reports from media in Taiwan concerning a chipset licensing deal with Intel, on April 7 stated that the reports are based on rumors and that the company would not comment further on them.

Intel intros new flagship desktop CPU QX6800

Intel introduced a new quad-core enthusiast processor to bolster its product line for high-performance computers. The new QX6800 CPU increases the clock speed to 2.93 GHz and lifts the price of an Intel enthusiast CPU to a new record level.

Linux fragmentation not a cellular OS killer, says IMS Research

Fragmentation is one of the most common complaints levied against Linux as a cellular OS and, at present, there is a relatively high degree of variation in Linux-based solutions when compared to other platforms such as Symbian or Windows Mobile, but this should not hamper the OS in the long term, according to research firm IMS Research.

Garmin and TomTom expected to get into GPS handset sector, say sources

Branded GPS-device vendors Garmin and TomTom are reportedly expected to venture into the GPS-enabled handset market, with market rumors stating that Garmin has already held talks for cooperation with Taiwan-based ODM handset maker Compal Communications, according to market sources.

iPod shipments sail past 100 million mark

With its introduction in November 2001, Apple says the new milestone cements the iPod's position as the fastest selling music player.

Dash gives free GPS units for “road test”

Dash Navigation is giving out 2000 GPS units for a free six-month test drive.

Japan’s KDDI Corp breaks into U.S. mobile phone market

Japanese mobile phone operator KDDI Corp. will break into the United States market in the coming weeks.

FCC continues airplane cell phone ban

The FCC is extending a ban on in-flight cell phone usage.  The agency says there is insufficient information about whether phones disrupt cell towers or airplane navigation systems, so it will take the safe route by continuing the restriction.

AMD and Intel: The battle for processor price segments

Columbus (OH) – 2006 brought earth-shattering changes in the processor market with a competition we haven’t seen in many years. Prices have eroded much faster than in the years before. If you have been following our price/performance charts, it is no secret to you the competition between AMD and Intel in the retail market is reaching new heights almost every week. Time to recap what happened in the past half year and check which manufacturer focused on which segment.

Microsoft issues updated Animated Cursor patch because of DLL problems

MMicrosoft has released an updated version of its MS07-017 patch that fixes some incompatibility problems with the animated cursor vulnerability patch.

Microsoft to also offer DRM-free music

Microsoft is jumping on the DRM-free music bandwagon and will be offering unprotected EMI songs in its Zune Marketplace.

Fibre Channel over Ethernet standard proposed

San Diego (CA) – Nine IT companies, including Cisco, IBM, Intel and Sun, have asked the T11 Committee of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to create a Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) standard.

iPod contracts world's first iVirus

The first virus designed exclusively at infecting the iPod has been discovered.

Microsoft announces 12 updates for April 10

With a brief disruption, Microsoft is back on its usual monthly cycle of software and security updates. The company plans to six security related updates and six non-security related updates next week.

Google unveils Desktop app for Macs

30 months after it first hit the PC, Google Desktop is now available in a beta format for the Mac operating system.