IDF: Intel’s mobile platform goes quad-core, adds WiMax

Beijing (China) – Intel has begun briefing media representatives on the day before the official opening of its Spring Developer Forum, which is held in Beijing this year. Mooly Eden, one of the key personalities behind Intel’s Core 2 Duo discussed the features of the upcoming Santa Rosa platform and the 45 nm CPU Penryn, which Intel believes will become a gaming monster.  

Toshiba announces notebooks with Intel’s 802.11n wireless chipset

Toshiba today announced six new notebooks. Three notebooks include Intel’s 802.11n debut chipset “Kedron”, one offers a 17” screen for less than $1000 and if you need lots of storage space than Toshiba offers up to 280 GB on two hard drives.

HD video playback and recording added to Nero

Nero is updating its Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced to include high-definition video playback and recording.

D-Link adds wireless management to 10/100 smart switch

D-Link today announced that it will soon add wireless management features to its DES-1228P 24-Port 10/100 smart switch with PoE.

Always On Wireless spiffs up dialup wireless router

Always On Wireless today announced its WiFlyer+v wireless router that supports wireless networking of dial-up or broadband Internet connections.

Intel introduces 9 TB quad-core storage server

San Diego (CA) – Intel today introduced a 2U storage server that can house up to twelve hard drives. Processing power is provided one quad-core or up to two dual-core Xeon processors.

Adobe rolls out betas of pro video tools

Adobe is showing off its latest video editing tools to broadcast professionals at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas.

Intel to to launch QX6850 in Q3

Intel has scheduled to boost the proportion of dual-core processors in its product line up in the second quarter and will launch the quad-core Core 2 Extreme QX6850 in the third quarter.

200 GB for your pocket

Irvine (CA) – The next generation of portable hard drive capacity has arrived. Toshiba is first to move offer 200 GB of storage space in an external, portable 2.5” hard drive.While it will be increasingly difficult for hard drives in the 1.8” class to defend themselves against approaching flash-based solid state disks (SSDs), the 2.5” arena appears to be seeing accelerating development as well as a moiré and more competitive environment.  

Microsoft debuts commercial HD DVD encoder SDK

At the National Association of Broadcasters, Microsoft is showcasing a new software development kit (SDK) that provides developers the core HD DVD video encoding technology used by Hollywood studios today.

Apple cuts the ribbon on new Final Cut Studio

Apple today unveiled its first major update of the Mac-specific Final Cut Studio video editing suite.

Adobe ships Creative Suite 3

Adobe has begun shipping the new CS3 versions of its creativity tools as well as the standard and premium versions of its recently announced Creative Suite 3.

AMD CPU prices drop nearly 50% over past half year

Columbus (OH) - As we continue to look back over the past 28 weeks of data, we have collected of processor prices, this week we delve into specific products that have seen the biggest changes in just six months. Something we noticed right away is that there are completely different trends in the way AMD and Intel prices have shifted.  While Intel provides us with sporadic peaks and drops, AMD has mostly seen constant price reductions over the previous 28 weeks.

AMD donates servers to Groklaw

AMD has donated two dual-core servers to the popular open source news website

T-Mobile IDs new Sidekick phone

Bellevue (WA) - T-Mobile today released details about the Sidekick ID, the latest phone in T-Mobile's swivel-screen, Qwerty keyboard arsenal. A staple of the Sidekick series, the ID has a swiveling screen that reveals a full Qwerty keyboard and one-button access to instant messaging, e-mail, and text messaging.

US Military to shoot router into space

Cisco and Intelsat General will be placing a router of sorts into space.

Two Trojans responsible for 80% of malware

According to computer security vendor PandaLabs, the Sdbot and Gaobot family of Trojan bots were responsible for 80% of malware detections during the first quarter of 2007.

Federal agencies get poor grades in computer security

According to a new report commissioned by the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee, 24 federal agencies received poor grades in computer security.

Microsoft responds to Vista OEM hacks

Hackers have found a way to replicate an XP hack on Vista that exploit original equipment manufacturer (OEM) activation through the basic input output system (BIOS) process.

Lite-On IT eyeing production of 16x DVD+R DL burners by end of year

The DVD+RW Alliance early this month announced that it had released the specifications for 12x and 16x DVD+R DL (single-sided double-layer) burning speeds (termed v1.2), and in response, Taiwan-based Lite-On IT has geared up R&D producing burners featuring the 16x recording standard and may begin volume production by the end of this year, according to industry sources in Taiwan.