Gateway adds Blu-ray drive, OC graphics card to enthusiast PC

With Dell and HP having established a presence in then enthusiast PC market, the third largest PC maker in U.S. is getting more serious about computers that deliver more than just the basics.

Microsoft to give away Windows/Office package for $3

Microsoft on Thursday announced its most aggressive move yet to reach more people that do not have the financial resources to purchase a modern, functional software environment: The company will offer a complete software package built around Windows and Office for $3.

Hacker claims to have gained access to Steam customer data

A hacker claims to have gotten hold of a mountain of sensitive data from software company Valve, including credit card information from users who have purchased content from its digital distribution system Steam.

Fujitsu starts volume production of 2 Mb FRAM

Fujitsu announced the availability of its 2Mbit ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) chips (MB85R2001 and MB85R2002).

Two arrested in wireless access theft

A man and a woman were arrested in separate instances for stealing wireless Internet in Redditch, Worcestershire which is about 120 miles northwest of London England.

AMD releases Catalyst 7.4 graphics driver

AMD’s graphics division today announced its April driver package for Radeon-based graphics cards.

Wireless audit finds unauthorized hotspots at IRS offices

In an internal audit, inspectors at the Internal Revenue Service have found unauthorized wireless devices at several offices which could allow hackers to compromise taxpayer information.

Blackberry outage hits North America

For several hours last night, millions of BlackBerry users weren’t able to receive or send emails because of a service interruption.

Google Phone expected to ship by the end of this year

Digitimes today refreshed the speculation that Google could soon become a player in the cellphone market. According to the company, HTC has begun manufacturing the handsets and will be shipping by the end of this year.

Pioneer unveils $300 Blu-ray Disc Combo drive

Pioneer on April 17 debuted its BDC-S02 Blu-ray Disc (BD) Combo drive model in Beijing, for immediate launch in China and later in other markets around the world at a recommended retail price of $299, according to Pioneer's Taiwan subsidiary Pioneer High Fidelity Taiwan.

Micron introduces new power-efficient Aspen DDR2

Micron Technology today introduced its new Aspen DDR2 memory family of energy-efficient products, featuring the low-voltage (LV) DDR2 in reduced chip count (RCC) memory modules.

IDF: Intel releases 45 nm Penryn benchmark numbers

Beijing (China) – Don’t pretend you haven’t been waiting for these numbers: Is Penryn really as good as Intel claims? As long as we have not reviewed the CPU in our labs, we can’t say for sure. But if the chip is as capable as the benchmark results provided by Intel indicate, then it is clear that Intel has no intentions of handing the performance crown over to AMD.  

Samsung joins Nokia in mobile TV initiative

Samsung and Nokia have joined forces to work on a universal mobile TV platform that could help to bring interoperability to a medium that's currently rife with proprietary boundaries.

Google announces free presentation software

Google has formally announced a free presentation application that will supplement its web-based Docs and Spreadsheet programs.

IDF: Intel reanimates its 90 nm Pentium M CPU

Intel began the second day of its Spring IDF with keynotes covering the firm’s mobile processors – including the upcoming Santa Rosa platform, the 45 nm mobile Penryn processor, the first WiMax chipset as well as a new generation of UMPCs, which revives the 90 nm Pentium M processor.

Mercury Computer Systems claims 10X improvement in HD encoding speed

Video professionals know that high-definition video can look great at high bitrates, but encoding such video can be a painful process.  Mercury Computer Systems has announced a ten-fold improvement in AVC/H.264 encoding times with an encoding engine built on the Cell Broadband Engine, the same chip that is used in Sony’s PlayStation 3 console.

Workers give up passwords for chocolate and a smile

Most companies have secrets protected by passwords, but according to a recent study those passwords can be obtained with just a candy bar and a smile.

Windows Media Player plug-in reaches Firefox

Microsoft this week launched a new plug-in for Firefox that allows its proprietary media player to run on embedded web page scripts on the Mozilla browser.

AVG updates security suite for Vista compatibility

Computer security vendor Grisoft has updated its AVG Internet Security suite for Vista.

Zero day flaw hits Windows DNS

A new worm has been discovered by Internet security company Sophos, which it says can make computers vulnerable to remotely controlled attacks.