Time Warner Cable eyes Wi-Fi

Time Warner Cable struck a deal with Spanish start-up FON that will enable its high-speed Internet customers to turn their Road Runner broadband connections into public wireless hotspots.

RIM readies software client for non-Blackberry devices

New software from Research in Motion (RIM) will enable all BlackBerry wireless applications to run on smartphones from rival handset makers.

Amiga announces upcoming computers

The good old Amiga system is could be resurfacing soon. Amiga and ACK Software Controls announced that the two firms are working on two new computers, one targeting a price point of $500 and another that will be aiming to attract performance-focused users and a budget of about $1500.

VoIP driving cable telephony growth

VoIP technology has proven to be the key market enabler for cable telephony services and subscriber growth, reports In-Stat.

Hitachi GST extends 1 TB hard drive to the enterprise market

Hitachi today announced three new hard drive models targeting the enterprise market, including a fast 15K drive, a compact 2.5” model as well as a version of its high capacity terabyte drive.

$25,000 awarded to national texting champion

13-year-old Morgan Pozgar texted her way to the bank, pocketing the $25,000 grand prize in LG's national text messaging contest.

AMD: Barcelona quad-core 50% faster than Intel’s quad-core Xeon

Following last week’s sobering financial news, AMD today provided some news that may calm down worried analysts and investors.

Akita Elpida develops 1.4 mm MCP with 20 stacked dies

Akita Elpida Memory, the DRAM backend production subsidiary of Elpida Memory, announced the development of a 1.4 mm-thick multi-chip package (MCP) with 20 stacked dies, claiming it as the world's thinnest MCP.

Samsungs stacks DRAM to reach higher capacities

Seoul (Korea) – Stacking is the magic word that promises more capable and sometimes also faster multi-chip packages than what can be achieved today. Samsung claims to have developed a first “through silicon via” (TSV) DRAM stack that soon could deliver 4 GB memory modules for the mainstream market.

Software glitch caused BlackBerry outage

Research in Motion says it recent BlackBerry outage was caused by a server-side software glitch.

AMD’s R600 event – We’re packing our bags for Tunisia

At around this time tomorrow, we’ll be in the air on our way to Tunisia Africa for AMD’s R600 media event.

VIA touts “small is beautiful” with Pico-ITX boards

VIA has shrunk its motherboards again and has announced its Pico-ITX design which is barely larger than a playing card.

Valve hack just a false alarm, sort of

A hacker's claim that he gained access to all of Valve's internal files was played out too far, even though it appears he did hack a third-party site that deals with Valve.

Apple security update patches 25 Mac OS flaws

Apple today released its fourth security update of the year for the Mac operating system, with 25 new patches making it to the front this time around.

Gateway adds Blu-ray drive, OC graphics card to enthusiast PC

With Dell and HP having established a presence in then enthusiast PC market, the third largest PC maker in U.S. is getting more serious about computers that deliver more than just the basics.

Microsoft to give away Windows/Office package for $3

Microsoft on Thursday announced its most aggressive move yet to reach more people that do not have the financial resources to purchase a modern, functional software environment: The company will offer a complete software package built around Windows and Office for $3.

Hacker claims to have gained access to Steam customer data

A hacker claims to have gotten hold of a mountain of sensitive data from software company Valve, including credit card information from users who have purchased content from its digital distribution system Steam.

Fujitsu starts volume production of 2 Mb FRAM

Fujitsu announced the availability of its 2Mbit ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) chips (MB85R2001 and MB85R2002).

Two arrested in wireless access theft

A man and a woman were arrested in separate instances for stealing wireless Internet in Redditch, Worcestershire which is about 120 miles northwest of London England.

AMD releases Catalyst 7.4 graphics driver

AMD’s graphics division today announced its April driver package for Radeon-based graphics cards.