Huge anti-spam lawsuit filed

UnSpam Technologies LLC has filed a massive anti-spam lawsuit on behalf of its 20000 customers.

'One Laptop Per Child' price jumps from $100 to $175

The "One Laptop Per Child" (OLPC) initiative planned to give notebooks computers to children at a $100 price tag, but that was apparently a little bit too cheap.

Rumors about 45 nm Core 2 Duo production begin to fly

Intel is gearing up for its next-generation micro-processors. And we hear that Intel may be much closer to be releasing its 45 nm processors, code-named "Penryn", to production than we previously thought: Expect reviews and benchmarks of Penryn to surface early in Q3 of this year. Extra: Slideshow

Internet 2 reaches 9.08 Gbps

Scientists working on the bigger, better and most importantly faster Internet 2 have achieved a new world speed record.

Next Windows Server available for public beta testing

Microsoft has made its upcoming Windows Server, dubbed “Longhorn” available for beta testers.  Anyone with a Microsoft Live ID can download Longhorn Beta 3 and try out some of the new features like the read-only domain controller and PowerShell.

Acer recalls 27,000 notebook batteries

Acer has joined the long list of computer manufacturers to announce a voluntary recall of Sony made lithium-ion notebook batteries.

Hitachi ships terabyte hard drive

Meeting its scheduled Q1 2007 launch, Hitachi announced that it has begun shipping the Deskstar 7K1000, the company's first commercially available 1 TB hard disk drive.

Mobile applications bright spot in consumer electronic market slow

Nvidia denies it is to launch own-brand motherboards

Nvidia announces new Quadro Plex VCS

Nokia, LG, Samsung and MasterCard to turn cell phone into wallet

A consortium of companies including Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony and MasterCard are to turn cell phones into mobile wallets, allowing consumers to pay for goods and services simply by swiping their phone as they would a credit card

Nokia S60 phones reach 100 million

Dell offers SSDs on select notebooks

Verizon, Spring offer `world' BlackBerry

Q1 2007 malware summarized in report

Internet security specialist Sophos has released a report on the rise of malware in the first quarter of 2007.

Pinnacle Studio 11 gets priced, dated

Avid Technology today shed light on the latest version of its consumer video editing software, Pinnacle Studio 11.

RIM working on Blackberry emulator for Windows Mobile

Research in Motion is working on an emulator to make Windows Mobile based devices, such as the Palm Treo, work like a Blackberry.

Fujitsu T671ME-FJ motherboard adopts SiS chipsets

SiS has announced that its SiS671FX chipset is to be used in the new Fujitsu T671ME-FJ motherboard which recently entered mass production.

Time Warner Cable eyes Wi-Fi

Time Warner Cable struck a deal with Spanish start-up FON that will enable its high-speed Internet customers to turn their Road Runner broadband connections into public wireless hotspots.

RIM readies software client for non-Blackberry devices

New software from Research in Motion (RIM) will enable all BlackBerry wireless applications to run on smartphones from rival handset makers.